Would I benefit from DMSO or/and Unique E applied to my Dupuytrens hand?

I am 61 year old female with dupuytrens contracture x 10 years. My right hand more involved I had nodules injected about 5 years ago Dr Ketchem in Kansas city Mo so my palms are flat not lumpy and my last injection was in Left hand and seems to have arrested progression for time being. I have no contractures. I take acetyl L carnitine 2000mg once a day and have for sometime. At this point would I benefit from DMSO or/and Unique E. I also have planter fibroma left foot just diagnosed. I inherited this from my dear grandmama who lived to be 94. Thank you for your time. sincerely, Joan


Greetings Joan,

Sounds like you have your hands full, so to speak. 

Dupuytren’s contracture can be very responsive to an aggressive and diverse plan of treatment.  The more you do and the more aggressive you are in applying a plan, the better the results seem to be.  I would encourage you to consider adding the Dusa Sal DMSO and Unique E oil, and even the topical copper peptide (Super CP Serum) to your current plan.  TRH 




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