Why is Super CP serum not included in the Dupuytren treatment packages?

Why is Super CP serum not included in the standard Dupuytren treatment packages?  Do you recommend ordering this separately.



Super CP Serum is not included as a standard item simply to have something kept out so that if more help is needed you can  have several other things (like Super CP Serum) to add later if needed. 

The goal of putting any of these plans together was not to throw every possible therapy at your hand problem, but to aggressively apply a diverse array of therapies for maximum effectiveness.  If one of these plans fall short of its goal, three are more options that can be added later if needed.

If you think you want to start out using Super CP Serum, there is nothing wrong with that idea.  Just order whatever plan makes sense to you and then add the Super CP Serum to the list.  TRH 

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