What topical treatment would you recommend to treat my Dupuytren lump?

I have one lump on my palm and have recently started treating it with vitamin E oil and DMSO. What other topicals would you recommend?


In addition to the Dusa Sal DMSO and Unique-E vitamin E oil I would recommend that you also use a few internal therapies in your Dupuytren treatment plan. 

Internal therapies are those vitamins, minerals, supplements and enzymes that are swallowed and taken to the interior of the body for distribution to all tissues.  The internal therapies that can be used for Dupuytren treatment are:

  1. Factor E 400/400                                     
  2. Maxi-Gamma E                                     
  3. PABA
  4. Scar-X
  5. Neprinol                                                     
  6. Nattokinase                                               
  7. Fibrozym                                                   
  8. Quercetin-Bromelain  
  9. MSM
  10. Acetyl-L-carnitine                            

It is a good idea to use as many of these internal therapies as you think are needed and appropriate for your case.  However, these general and system-wide internal therapies will work better when used with external therapies, just as external therapies applied topically will work better when used with internal therapies.

If you insist on adding another topical to what you are now doing, i suggest that you look at Super CP Serum which is a copper peptide product that will influence repair of damaged tissue and reduce fibrous and collagen tissue build up.

Do not make the mistake of using only external (or only internal) therapies, and thinking you are doing a good job of treating your Dupuytren contracture.  Good treatment is a balance of both Internal and External therapies, and earns far better results than a limited plan.   TRH


2 thoughts on “What topical treatment would you recommend to treat my Dupuytren lump?

  1. Mark Mashburn says:

    The Dupuytren’s contracture formulation is a 15% verapamil cream in a proprietary vehicle that penetrates the skin. It’s a compounded Rx, but it works exceptionally well I am told.
    Do you have experience with this product?

  2. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Mark,

    There are several compounding pharmacies that produce topical verapamil formulations. There are some who say they work well for Dupuytren’s contracture, and there are others who say they do not.

    Many years ago I developed Peyronie’s disease, a problem similar to and often associated with Dupuytren’s contracture. In desperation I used a topical proprietary 15% verapamil cream from a compounding pharmacy; after nine months of faithful and diligent use my PD was worse. In further desperation I corroborated with three MDs I was working with at the time in a medical holistic clinic to explore natural Alt Med treatment. The treatment protocol we developed worked for me, and it soon worked for others. Because Peyronie’s disease and Dupuytren’s contracture often appear together, we soon discovered that many DC hand problems were also clearing up at the same time the PD was responding.

    We get 8-10 reports of Dupuytren’s contracture treatment success (moderate to marked) for every one report of failure. However, the greatest issue about this Alt Med work is that in 16 years of assisting people with their hand contractures we have not had one report of recurrence. This is a huge factor to consider since surgery always precipitates Dupuytren’s contracture recurrence.

    I suggest you spend some time on this website investigating if these natural Alt Med might help your Dupuytren’s contracture. TRH

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