How many lawsuits for Xiaflex used to treat Dupuytren’s contracture?

Lawsuits for Xiaflex are never easy

Lawsuits for Xiaflex difficult to count

“How do I find out how many lawsuits for Xiaflex injections there are for personal damage?  The injection caused great harm and damage to my finger….including necrosis.”

The number of lawsuits for Xiaflex procedures is not widely available. This is not by accident.  The medical and drug industries do not make that information public.  Google “how many lawsuits for Xiaflex injections,” and no hard numbers come up.  Perhaps a good attorney might be able to say how many Xiaflex lawsuits have occurred.

However, there is another way to get an idea about the number of lawsuits for Xiaflex injuries.  Simply go to online sources of information about Xiaflex.  Learn what people are saying about what happened to them after a Xiaflex procedure.  Once you learn what happens to people after a Xiaflex procedure, you can assume how likely they might be to take legal action.  Sources:

  • FDA Xiaflex information and comments
  • Xiaflex information
  • Xiaflex information
  • DCI and NHE LLC information from Xiaflex patients

Xiaflex complaints received by the FDA each year    

Year    Total complaints

2012              39
2013  23
2014  40
2015  342
2016  420
2017  320
2018  411
2019  659

Each year the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports the number of complaints it receives about many drugs – including Xiaflex.  The chart to the left shows that number of Xiaflex complaints increases each year.  Therefore, the number of lawsuits for Xiaflex treatment is likely increasing, also.  Although not an exact number, a trend is easy to see.

If the FDA determines that the complaints have reached an excessive number, they will investigate.                          

Additional information is available on the FDA website concerning type, location and degree of injury in these Xiaflex complaints.   Compare the FDA Xiaflex complaints to your complaints for an idea how reasonable a Xiaflex lawsuit might be.

Satisfaction rating on

Visit to read patient reports about Xiaflex usage.   Patients give a satisfaction rating for their Xiaflex outcomes.  On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest satisfaction, and 1 being the lowest satisfaction, the majority of people give a low satisfaction rating.  In fact, in May 2020, of nine total people responding, the average satisfaction level was 2.1 out of a possible 10 – shocking.

From this, a person can assume there is a large trend of unhappiness with Xiaflex.  This low level of dissatisfaction could easily cause patients to start a Xiaflex lawsuit. rating gives low star rating for Xiaflex allows patients to rate the drugs they take on a 1-5 star scale. These patients also tell stories about their drug usage.  They also rate the effectiveness, ease of use and satisfaction with many drugs.  Anyone thinking about Xiaflex should read the WebMD page about Xiaflex.

On this page, 81 patients who had the Xiaflex procedure provide stories about what happened to them.   As a group, they are not very satisfied after having the Xiaflex procedure.   In May of 2020, the satisfaction level with Xiaflex is 2.42 stars out of a possible 5 stars. This insight should give you an idea how people feel about a Xiaflex lawsuit.

More reports about lawsuits for Xiaflex

Unfortunately, as the use of Xiaflex becomes more common, DCI and Natural Health Education LLC receives more stories like yours.  Typical stories all mention some degree of injury or destruction of finger and hand muscles, joints, nerves, flesh and blood vessels.  Of course, these injuries cause a wide range of mild to severe problems.  For example, loss of hand function, pain, loss of feeling, weakness, limited movement and flesh erosion wounds needing reconstructive surgery by a plastic surgeon.  Many of these people say they already have a Xiaflex lawsuit for their severe injuries.

Although rare, we have heard of two cases leading to amputation as a final solution.  One was a finger amputation. The other, a partial hand amputation.  It is reasonable to assume there is a high percent of lawsuits for Xiaflex injuries in such extreme cases.

Tissue necrosis

Sorry to hear of your bad Xiaflex reaction.  You mentioned that necrosis of your finger occurred.

Necrosis is the unnatural and premature death of some or all cells in an organ or tissue.  Causes include loss of blood supply, freezing, burning, infection, toxins, trauma or digestion by enzymes.  The area affected can be large or small.  Necrosis can result in a wide variety of serious and painful side effects in any tissue close to the site of Xiaflex injections.

Tissue necrosis is a serious complication.  It is perhaps the most common and potentially complicated injury after a Xiaflex procedure goes wrong. This is true because the nature of necrosis is that the tissue dies and does not heal.  Tissue destroyed by necrosis does not come back.

Locate an attorney for a Xiaflex lawsuit

Lawsuits for Xiaflex are never simple or easy. You want someone working for you who has conducted at least several Xiaflex lawsuits.  However, the Xiaflex procedure is relatively new.  For this reason, not many lawyers have much experience in this area.  For helpful ideas to locate a great attorney specifically for this problem, see Xiaflex lawsuit.

Good luck with your hand.