What is the cause of Dupuytren?

What is the cause of Dupuytren?   Thank you,  Pat

Greetings Pat,

There is still no clear and broadly accepted answer to your question for a Dupuytren contracture cause, although I think I can make a good case for what is the most commonly accepted answer at this time.

Did you ever notice how diabetes seems to run in some families?  Grandma has diabetes, uncle Louie has diabetes and so do two of his children, Mom and Dad have it and two of their three children have it.   Well, it is not correct or accurate to say that someone inherited their diabetes; it does not work that way.  It is accurate to say that a person inherited the tendency toward diabetes; they have a genetic predisposition that makes them weaker or more susceptible to develop diabetes if they abuse their intake of sugar.  It is easier for these people who are in a diabetes-prone family to have it. Some people are so genetically susceptible that what can be considered a normal or low intake of sugar sets off their inability to control their blood sugar levels, and they can be diagnosed with diabetes.

The genetic aspect of diabetes is strongly suggested by those people who heavily abuse refined sugar intake and never develop diabetes.   They are not genetically predisposed and can tolerate a lot of sugar abuse.

If a person who is born into a family of diabetics, it would be wise to be very careful about refined sugar intake and to do all things possible to promote the normal function of the pancreas and related sugar metabolism.  In this way it is possible to avoid, delay, limit or minimize the degree of diabetes that is experienced by that individual,even though the tendency or weakness might be present.  Primarily this is done by limiting the intake of refined carbohydrates in the diet, such as refined carbohydrate products like white sugar, candy, cake, pasta and the like.  These foods high in refined carbohydrates act as a trigger to produce diabetes in people who are genetically prone to that problem; if the trigger is never pulled there is reduced likelihood for the problem to develop.

The same can be said for someone, especially a man, of northern European or Scandinavian descent who is born into a family of people who display a tendency toward Dupuytren contracture.  This person should avoid those things that are thought to predispose or act as triggers for Dupuytren contracture:
1.  Hand trauma, especially prolonged heavy vibration
2.  Phenobarbital
3.  Diabetes
4.  Liver disease and cirrhosis
5.  Heavy alcohol consumption
6.  Cigarette smoking

The genetic aspect of Dupuytren contracture is strongly suggested by those people who heavily abuse their hands, are alcoholics and heavy drinkers with liver disease, but never develop Dupuytren.   They are not genetically predisposed and can tolerate a lot of abuse that would easily trigger it in other people.

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