How can natural treatment help Dupuytren contracture?

What does taking vitamins, minerals and enzymes have to do with Dupuytren treatment and these lumps on my palm?

The treatment ideas presented by the Dupuytren Contracture Institute have scientific merit, medical endorsement and wide acceptance – but many do not know it because it has never been explained to them.  In this discussion the reader will understand that the Dupuytren therapy ideas found on this website area within the framework of current medical and scientific thinking; more importantly, they make sense.

Dupuytren contracture treatment philosophy in a nutshell

  • The body does miraculous things.  Every second of every day of your life your body performs complex biological feats that science does not understand – and does not even know about!  The ability of the immune system to keep us healthy, or overcome disease when it occurs, is part of the miraculous ability we all possess.
  • Diet and nutrition help the body stay healthy or overcome disease; it is not possible to stay healthy for very long with poor nutrition; it is possible to improve health with good nutrition.  See below.
  • What the body cannot use and what is not supposed to be in the body, the body will try to reduce in size or eliminate.  Common examples:  gallstones and kidney stones are spontaneously pushed out; excess lung and sinus mucus is normally brought out; a limb or organ that does not work will reduce in size (atrophy); hand calluses disappear and muscles reduce in size once heavy work stops, etc.  The collagen nodules and cords of Dupuytren contracture found in the palm of the hand are not supposed to be there and the body should be able to eliminate them.

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  • It is possible to intentionally use a variety of techniques to support the repair function of the body against the Dupuytren collagen formation. By supplying a variety of high level quality nutrients vitamins, minerals, enzymes while doing a variety of stretches, exercises and other therapeutic techniques at the same time, it is often possible to enhance the function of the body to reduce or even eliminate the abnormal Dupuytren tissue in the palm of the hand.  The DCI concept for treating Dupuytren contracture is to provide the best environment for natural healing to take place.  When this is done it can sometimes result in rapid and near miraculous changes.
  • Our vitamin, mineral and enzyme products are just a more convenient way to give your nutrition a needed boost when you must be sure your body has enough raw materials to work with.  DCI has built a treatment protocol around our particular selection of high quality pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements that have proven themselves since 2002.
  • No therapies mentioned on this site are a Dupuytren cure; there is currently no such thing.  Our Dupuytren therapies when taken as a group is intended enhance and support a naturally occurring immune response against a certain type of foreign tissue in a particular part of the body.
  • Sometimes natural therapy helps to increase the ability of the immune system and the person is able to avoid Dupuytren surgery, and sometimes it does not work.  There is no way to know ahead of time if it will be successful for a particular person.

Experts say diet affects healing and immune response 

Do a Google search for “American Cancer Society guidelines on nutrition,” or “diet Mayo Clinic prevent cancer,” or “boost immune system.”  You will find that organized medicine is beginning to admit what common people have known for a long time: Diet is vitally important to promote health and prevent disease. In the last 5-10 years organized medicine has been forced to acknowledge that the food we eat influences the ability of the body to prevent and eliminate many illnesses.   Prior to that time organized medicine laughed at people who said that nutrition could influence disease.

Organized medicine took the position that when a patient was sick, drugs and surgery were the only treatment necessary.  The importance of diet and nutrition is gaining scientific recognition for many serious and complex disease states like Alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration, AIDS and yes, even cancer.  Now with mounting evidence that they were wrong, the medical position has abruptly changed about diet guidelines for many health problems.

Did I say that diet can cure cancer?  No. All that I have ever said about diet, nutrition and Dupuytren contracture, and all that Mayo Clinic, Harvard School of Medicine, the National Institute of Health and every other medical institution in the world are recently saying, is that diet is important to improve the ability to prevent and even reverse disease – not cure it like a drug, just support or enhance the ability to heal for a better chance of possible reduction or recovery.

This should not really be such a controversial subject.  After all, why do we eat?  We eat not only because food takes good, but because we need the nutrients and fuel that food provides to us.  Food is fuel needed to operate the body.  With bad fuel, the body operates poorly.  With too little fuel, the body operates poorly.  With good fuel, the body operates better.  In an abundance of good fuel, the body has an opportunity to operate to the best of its ability.

Based on the above, the idea of dietary and nutritional treatment of Dupuytren’s contracture should not be too extreme a possibility to consider.

Our Dupuytren treatment philosophy also used in medical practice and agriculture 

Just a few examples:

  1. Medical practice – Holistic medical doctors who follow a more holistic or natural approach to patient care use a nutritional approach to healthcare to a great degree, but even traditional drug-oriented doctors use it also to a lesser degree:
    1. Dietitians work in hospitals because nutrition and diet are especially important to recovery of disease.  That really is the best example to make the case that our treatment concept has scientific merit and medical endorsement.
    2. Cancer – see above.
    3. Infertility (male and female) – every fertility clinic has a standard list of printed instruction of foods to eat and foods to avoid, as well as vitamin and mineral supplements to take to increase fertility.
    4. AIDS – a huge body of information will be found by Goggling “AIDS and nutrition”
    5. Anemia or “tired blood” – eat more iron containing foods like red meat and dark leafy vegetables to increase red blood cell production
    6. Bone fracture – eat more calcium and protein containing foods like dairy products, green vegetables and fish to supply raw materials for bone healing
    7. Animal husbandry and dairy industry – any animal breeder and livestock farmer knows how to treat animal diseases by using vitamins and minerals. They all use vitamins and minerals first to see if they can avoid veterinarian expenses. On their website, the American Zoo Association discusses animal nutrition as a way to now only avoid disease, but to assist the healing ability of all animals they keep
    8. Agriculture – to increase crop yield and prevent plant diseases, farmers add soil nutrients (potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen) at planting time.  Farmers do not waste money.  Any homeowner knows that to have a healthy lawn it must be fertilized often.  All forms of life work better with better nutrition.

Treatment of Dupuytrens disease makes sense

Since 2002 this website has instructed in the use of a combination of common and standard non-drug ((vitamin E, copper, DMSO, enzymes like Neprinol, etc.), and non-surgical (stretching, exercise, massage and non-needle acupuncture) methods to treat Dupuytrens.  This is done to stimulate, support and sustain the natural healing response of the immune system to reduce or eliminate the Dupuytren nodules and cords on the palm.

The Dupuytren Contracture Institute attempts to use all possible methods to increase the body’s ability to heal and repair the nodules and cords on the palm of the hand that are associated with this disease.   If the body does miraculous things every day, why can’t it eliminate the excess collagen that develops in the fascia on the palm of the hand?   From our experience it can, and does in a high percent of cases when the correct techniques are used at the same time to fully support that healing ability of the body.

Only a short therapeutic trial of aggressive natural treatment is needed to learn if your body can reduce or even eliminate the palm lumps of Dupuytren contracture.

Tips to Make Your Dupuytren Treatment More Successful

How to take supplements in a Dupuytren contracture treatment plan

Some people get confused about taking their Dupuytren contracture treatment supplements at the start of care.  If it is true that timing is everything, as they say, then timing is critical to the success of a Dupuytren treatment program.  Therapy supplements not taken at the right time can be the difference between slight progress and great progress, and even no progress and complete recovery.

It is wise to double check that each one of your dupuytren therapies are taken at the right time.   Not that long ago I spoke to a woman from England – after four months of self care – finally realize that she got confused on her  first day on her treatment plan, and was taking her Neprinol WITH meals.  What a terrible mistake, and waste of valuable opportunity for recovery!

Take these with meals (immediately before eating or during a meal):

1. Vitamin E (Maxi-Gamma, Formula # 400/400 or Unique E)


3. Fundamental Sulfur with C (MSM) – (start by taking between meals –if not tolerated well and having gastric complaints, then take with meals, as shown below)

4.  Acetyl-L-Carnitine (start by taking between meals –if not tolerated well and having gastric complaints, then take with meals, as shown below)

Take these between meals (1 hour or more before eating or 2 hours after eating):

1. Neprinol

2. Fibrozym

3. Nattokinase

4. Fundamental Sulfur with C (MSM)

5. Acetyl-L-Carnitine

6. Quercetin/Bromelain

7. Scar-X – be careful you do not even chew gum or eat candy during this time; your mouth must not even have the taste of food in it when you take homeopathy

It saves time and effort to separate all the supplements you will need for the day, at the beginning of the day.  It takes far more time and effort to handle the bottles twice a day, rather than doing just once.   If you are going to eat all your meals away from home, put all your supplements you will take at each meal in a small plastic bag for easy and clean transport.  Dropping these bags in your purse of shirt pocket makes it easier to remember and easy to take as the day progresses.

A helpful tip is to write a large “X” on the bottle top of all products you take between meals.  Finding them will be easier when organizing your supplements each day.

Please talk to your personal physician about the Dupuytren plan you are going to follow, and any digestive upset that might occur along the way.  Keep your family doctor informed about your progress and your current condition, especially when there is a problem.

Contact Dupuytren Contracture Institute for helpful ideas about how to start a Dupuytren treatment plan with Alternative Medicine.

Dupuytren Nutrition

Using natural supplements for Dupuytren contracture

The large idea behind using a wide variety of natural vitamin, mineral, herbal and enzyme supplements to treat Dupuytren contracture is not to treat Dupuytren contracture.  Got that?

Simply, the various natural therapies found in the different DCI therapy plans are not focused so much on the actual diseased Dupuytren fascial contracture or the flexed fingers, but on the person who has this terrible problem.  We advocate treating the person and not the Dupuytrens.  This might seem like a small point, but it is actually critical if you want to understand how to do your treatment plan well.

The intent of the Dupuytren concept we propose is not to treat the disease but to address the problems of the person who has the disease, so he/she can function better to reduce or eliminate the problem in whatever way is necessary.  When this type of broad-based nutritional support is done thoroughly and well, the goal is to assist and support the immune response of that person with Dupuytren contracture to deal with that problem better than he/she has previously.  Coupling the nutritional therapy with frequent at-home physical therapy techniques that are simple and easy to do, the results are a very gratifying 60-80% success.  This is accomplished without risk of drug side-effects, complications, infections, or recurrence of the problem – all of which can occur with Dupuytren surgery.

If you click on Dupuytren Contracture treatment Options you will find a list of various natural therapies, like vitamin E, MSM, acetyl-L-carnitine, PABA, DMSO, several different kinds of systemic enzymes, etc.   The treatment idea that makes the DCI philosophy of care so different is that we propose that you combine many of these to develop a synergistic plan of attack against your Dupuytren cords so your body can deal with them better than it ever has.

Have you heard or read that there is no evidence that vitamin E can help your Dupuytrens? Well, it might surprise you to know that I also believe that is true; I think that vitamin E does not help Dupuytrens – when it is used by itself.  But, when vitamin E is combined with a high dosage of other nutritional therapies as you see listed above, the results can be dramatic.  The drug and medical research establishment have never treated Dupuytren contracture the way we do at DCI.

DCI is getting results with Dupuytren contracture because we are using nutrition in a different way than they know about.

Read the DCI website, learn there is a different way to treat this problem in your hand.  Dupuytren nutrition is not only about your hand, it is about all of you.  See if our approach makes sense to you.