Is the DCI treatment for Dupuytren contracture a lifetime correction?

i saw a dr. yesterday.   he wants to use the needle procedure xiaflex.  after reading DCI information on your website i’m not sure which way to go.  if i use the alternative method is it a lifetime treatment?

Good question. 

At this time we have been working with people for only 10 years using Alternative Medicine treatment of Dupuytren contracture.  During that time DCI has helped many hundreds of people from around the world improve and overcome their hand contracture problem.  And during that time I have not had anyone come back later to say their Dupuytren contracture returned – no one .    This either means that people have had their DC come back but they have not told me about it, or it means that their DC has not returned.  I cannot say for certainty which it is because we are not capable of doing follow up studies at this time of those people who report improvement of their hand problem.

Injection with Xiaflex to treat Dupuytrens is not perfect; there are inherent risks and problems that occur.  While the rate of Dupuytren recurrence after Xiaflex injections is less than after surgery, the hand problem does recur.   The makers of Xiaflex hold this finding up to indicate that this means the recurrence rate is low.  I think the Xiaflex rate of Dupuytren recurrence is not actually low; it is just not as high as after surgery.   Because these injections only make temporary changes to the hand at the specific site of drug action, you will eventually have to do the Xiaflex injections again and again.  Actually what they are finding out is that the rate of recurrence of Dupuytren contracture after Xiaflex injections will increase each time you have the injections.  This means that the more you use Xiaflex for your hand, the faster it will come back.   Each time you use Xiaflex you expose yourself to the risk of accidents and drug reactions in which blood vessels, tendons, nerves, and muscles can be permanently damaged.  For more information please read, “What is Xiaflex and what are the risks if I take it?” and “Do Xiaflex injections really have a low recurrence rate?

I cannot tell you what you should do.  But I can tell you that you should spend some time learning the pros and cons of this new procedure and fully understand what it is all about.  As a suggestion, you should consider trying a brief therapeutic trial of Alternative Medicine treatment, perhaps for a month or two,  such as you see on the DCI website to see if you can respond favorably to conservative care.  If it helps you as it has helped many others, you might not have to consider any drug or surgical treatment.  If it does not help you, you can go into a drug or surgical treatment knowing that you have tried to be conservative first and now you are ready for more radical treatment.   TRH