What is the best therapy to use for Dupuytren treatment?

Dr. Herazy,

I want to ask you, of all the different vitamins, enzymes and things that you use to help get rid of Dupuytren what is the best one to take?


Greetings Helen,

Thank you for the question.   Your question is probably the most common one I receive about Dupuytren treatment.    Many  people would like that  answer, and so would I.

All of the therapy items found on the DCI website that you read about have the potential to be effective against Dupuytren contracture.   You ask a specific question about which specific therapy being able to help Dupuytren the best.   However, that is not the way DCI recommends to treat Dupuytren contracture; it is totally against what we have found to work the best.   The prime idea of successful Dupuytren treatment is not to focus on one particular therapy, even if it is a great one.  Since 2002 DCI has helped men and women get results with Alternative Medicine by using a variety of different therapies in an attempt to create a synergistic effect for maximum therapeutic effect. 

Please go to the DCI website Store Front to see a few examples of some good and balanced therapy plans.  If you do not want to use any of these, you can create a plan of your own.  When you do, keep in mind that the more variety in your plan the greater the synergistic effect that you will have working for your recovery.

Any one of the 10-12 Alternative Medicine therapies found on the DCI website could be a complete treatment (or NONE of them could be a complete treatment) depending on the individual, but it is not likely.  No one knows how a person will respond to any or all of the therapies.  Some people report fair results with just one therapy, but more people report better results when they use multiple therapies.  That is what the whole therapy concept of synergy is all about:  the more you do, the wider the base of your therapy,  the larger your plan, the greater the likelihood of promoting a favorable change in your metabolism and increasing your immune response to reduce the lumps on the palms that bother you.  Re-read that last sentence.  The idea is not to “treat the hand contracture” as a medical doctor would do, but to “treat the person who has the hand contracture” so that his body can heal what is wrong with it.

This is a major concept shift for medically indoctrinated people.  For this reason, as good a single therapy as Neprinol is, or acupuncture, or vitamin E, or any other, I do not recommend that anyone who is interested in getting good results with Dupuytren treatment should use just a single approach or just any one product – but multiple therapies to create synergy.

Those who report the best results with their palm lumps are those who follow the larger treatment plans and use them aggressively and faithfully.   It is most important to approach your problem from as many different directions at the same time as possible. You must read over a good part of the DCI website to understand about the total Alternative Medicine approach to promoting your ability to heal and repair your finger and hand contracture.  I cannot explain in a single response what is covered in detail on the website, so I encourage you to go there for information.   Good DCI pages to read are Introduction to Dupuytren Contracture Treatment and Dupuytren Contracture Treatmtent Philosophy and Dupuytren Contracture Treatment: Winning or Losing

Dupuytren contracture is a tough problem to live with and a difficult problem to treat.   It requires dedication and persistence to overcome it.   I have worked with many people who had their problem for five to ten years or more, and have done quiet well.  It is never easy to overcome, but always worthwhile.

The biggest advantage in ordering your therapy products from DCI is that we provide such a level of service and background of experience working with Dupuytren contracture that you will not find anywhere else.  Each product that is shipped to you that requires additional information to use properly comes with detailed instructions so you will know how to use it correctly.  You cannot expect that kind of vital Dupuytren treatment information anywhere else.

Please stay in touch.  I applaud you for reaching out for help.   You owe it to yourself to please follow through.


Why is Neprinol not in any Dupuytren treatment plan?

Dear Dr. Herazy,

I have had Dupuytren contracture in both hands for almost six years and they are slowly worsening, maybe the right hand more than the left. It is getting difficult to dress and do other common daily activities that i used to take for granted. My doctor said I should have surgery but I am not ready to take the risks that I read about when I investigate all the bad things that can happen.

After reading your website I see that you have some good ideas that appeal to my logical way of thinking. But when I read about the three Dupuytren treatment plans I notice that Neprinol is not listed in any of them. I have read many good things about Neprinol and wonder why it is not included, but you do include Fibrozym and Nattokinase. I want to place an order for either the medium or large size plan but I want to get this explained before placing my first order. Can you please clear this up for me?

Thank you in advance,


Greetings Vanessa,

Neprinol is not included in the DCI Small, Medium or Large Plans for two reasons:

1.  Neprinol is more powerful than Fibrozym and Nattokinase 1500.  It contains the same enzymes as Fibrozym and Nattokinase 1500 – at perhaps 10-12 times greater bioactivity.  It also contains different kinds of enzymes that are not found in Fibrozym and Nattokinase 1500.  this makes Neprinol more concentrated and with a greater variety of enzymes than these other products.  Therefore, based on almost ten years experience working with Dupuytren contracture I learned it is better to start treatment with the less intense and concentrated enzymes of Fibrozym and Nattokinase 1500 to get accustomed to the action of these enzymes; it is easier on the body and people have less intestinal upset (diarrhea) this way.   When you re-order the 1st or 2nd time you can then slowly introduce Neprinol into your treatment plan.

2.  Cost.  Because the bottle of Neprinol contains 300 capsules of more powerful and concentrated enzymes, as compared to 100 capsules in the other products, Neprinol costs more.  Therefore, many of our customers appreciate this way of keeping costs down when getting started.  The first order is the most expensive, and this is appreciated by anyone who is just starting and wants to how the suggested Dupuytren treatment plans work.

I suggest after being on your plan for a few weeks or few months, or whenever you are comfortable adding Neprinol to your plan, that you do so.  Many people will later use Neprinol as the primary source of systemic enzymes in their plan, but also keep a few Nattokinase 1500 and Fibrozym in their plans as secondary or minor sources of systemic enzymes.

Dupuytrens is a tough and terrible thing.  It takes dedication and persistence to overcome it.   I have worked with many who have had their problem longer than yours, and have done quite well.  It is never easy to overcome, but always worthwhile.

The biggest advantage in ordering your therapy products from DCI is that we provide a high level of service and background information specific to Dupuytren contracture that you will not receive from anyone else.   Just try to call one of those internet vitamin sellers and ask a question, let alone get specific information about treating Dupuytren contracture.  It cannot be done.    Each product you order from PDI comes with all the information you will need to you it correctly to treat your DC.

Please let me know if I can assist your recovery in any way.  Good luck to you.


Tips to Make Your Dupuytren Treatment More Successful

How to take supplements in a Dupuytren contracture treatment plan

Some people get confused about taking their Dupuytren contracture treatment supplements at the start of care.  If it is true that timing is everything, as they say, then timing is critical to the success of a Dupuytren treatment program.  Therapy supplements not taken at the right time can be the difference between slight progress and great progress, and even no progress and complete recovery.

It is wise to double check that each one of your dupuytren therapies are taken at the right time.   Not that long ago I spoke to a woman from England – after four months of self care – finally realize that she got confused on her  first day on her treatment plan, and was taking her Neprinol WITH meals.  What a terrible mistake, and waste of valuable opportunity for recovery!

Take these with meals (immediately before eating or during a meal):

1. Vitamin E (Maxi-Gamma, Formula # 400/400 or Unique E)


3. Fundamental Sulfur with C (MSM) – (start by taking between meals –if not tolerated well and having gastric complaints, then take with meals, as shown below)

4.  Acetyl-L-Carnitine (start by taking between meals –if not tolerated well and having gastric complaints, then take with meals, as shown below)

Take these between meals (1 hour or more before eating or 2 hours after eating):

1. Neprinol

2. Fibrozym

3. Nattokinase

4. Fundamental Sulfur with C (MSM)

5. Acetyl-L-Carnitine

6. Quercetin/Bromelain

7. Scar-X – be careful you do not even chew gum or eat candy during this time; your mouth must not even have the taste of food in it when you take homeopathy

It saves time and effort to separate all the supplements you will need for the day, at the beginning of the day.  It takes far more time and effort to handle the bottles twice a day, rather than doing just once.   If you are going to eat all your meals away from home, put all your supplements you will take at each meal in a small plastic bag for easy and clean transport.  Dropping these bags in your purse of shirt pocket makes it easier to remember and easy to take as the day progresses.

A helpful tip is to write a large “X” on the bottle top of all products you take between meals.  Finding them will be easier when organizing your supplements each day.

Please talk to your personal physician about the Dupuytren plan you are going to follow, and any digestive upset that might occur along the way.  Keep your family doctor informed about your progress and your current condition, especially when there is a problem.

Contact Dupuytren Contracture Institute for helpful ideas about how to start a Dupuytren treatment plan with Alternative Medicine.

Natural Dupuytren Treatment: Average Time to See Results

Dupuytren contracture difficult to predict in many ways

There are no dependable averages with Dupuytren contracture.  Everything about Dupuytren hand contracture is variable, from speed of progression to how a person might develop the problem.  And certainly, there is no average time within which a person responds to Dupuytren treatment using Alternative Medicine.  Some people show early signs of improvement in a few short weeks, others take months, and some not at all.

There are those who write me an email at DCI to say they did not respond to Dupuytren treatment.  After questioning them, I usually find they made the mistake of either using a very limited plan or not faithfully following the plan they put together.  Dupuy can be a difficult problem to treat and it is necessary to be completely dedicated to eliminating the problem – partial or occasional efforts do not earn good results.

The Dupuytren treatment concept we propose is actually not very strange or extreme.  All we propose is to do is to determine what natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbal products, as well as exercises and things of that nature, you can use to promote and encourage your body to heal the Dupuytren hand and finger contracture you have.

Dupuytren contracture should heal like any other health problem

The Dupuytren treatment approach promoted by DCI is to do all that is possible to prepare the body to heal on its own, in as many small and large ways as can, to the best of its ability.  It is really not such a crazy or extreme idea since cancers are known to self-cure and serious infections and diseases self-cure, why not Dupuytren contracture?  DCI advocates that an aggressive use of multiple conservative Alternative Medicine therapies, as outlined in our website, can possibly assist the body to heal the contracted palm lumps.

Since 2002 it is my experience that those people who use the largest and most aggressive therapy plan will usually get the best results.  For those interested in following an aggressive therapy plan to promote the best opportunity for healing and repair, the “Large (Best) Plan” is intended for maximum personal treatment.   The Medium (Better) Plan is the most popular of the three plans offered by DCI. There is also a Small (Good) Plan that is well designed. Any of these plans can be modified in any way you wish.  For example, it is common for people to substitute Neprinol in place of Nattokinase and Serrapeptase that are found in any of the plans.

Dupuytren contracture treatment to be effective must be followed aggressively and faithfully because DC is a stubborn problem that defies successful treatment.  Be prepared to spend time and effort to build up the strength of the immune response if you wish to earn any level of correction.  It can be done; I talk to people everyday who are doing it.

I would be pleased to answer any specific questions you have about Alternative Medicine treatment of the hand lump and finger contractures that plague you. Simply send your question at the end of this blog post.

I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of cases of DC, some mild and some severe, some just a few months and a few more than 10 years old.  Because of this I know that success against Dupuytren treatment success seems not to be determined by how bad the problem is at the start of care or how soon you start treatment; success seems to be primarily determined by intensity of effort.

You do not have to feel like a victim if you are working to improve your health and immune response against the presence of this foreign tissue.

The DCI website offers ideas and information about natural healing of Dupuytren you will not find elsewhere.  For help and ideas that you are not now getting, please send an email to contact@dupuytrens-contracture.com