What is the correct way to take Scar-X, enzymes and use DMSO for my Dupuytrens?

For 5 or 10 minutes before and after applying scar x I do not have food or drink and have had nothing to eat for 2 hours but after waiting for 5 or 10 minutes I need to take some liquid to swallow the enzymes (Neprinol, Nattokinase and Fibrozym). In most situations drinking black coffee or tea is still considered OK for an empty stomach, but are they OK to use as a way to take enzymes? Also it seems that I need to apply the DMSO and E in the palm of my hand not just on the contracted finger and massage both areas.  Is that the correct procedure?



When you ask about “applying” Scar-X it sounds like you are applying it to the skin, and not placing it under the tongue to be absorbed.  The correct way to take Scar-X is by placing approximately 10 drops under the tongue and leaving it there for about 30 seconds.   All of this is explained in the instructions that come with your order of Scar-X.  If you are not using the Scar-X in this way, please read again the instructions that you were given with your order. 

Yes, you can use black coffee or tea to help you swallow any of the therapies that must be swallowed, since these two liquids represent no food value to the body.

The DMSO you are using should be applied directly over all abnormal fibrous tissue, not only in the finger but also on the palm of the hand.  When you say that you massage the DMSO and vitamin E into the area where you are applying it, you are not doing it correctly.  Again, all of this is explained in the instructions that come with your order of DMSO.  All you have to do is to quickly apply a thin layer of vitamin E and then DMSO, using anywhere from 1-3 drops of each, by running the tip of your finger over the area of contracted tissue.   Massaging is not only unnecessary, but it can reduce the amount DMSO and vitamin E that is available to the area of involvement because the prolonged contact of the tip of your finger will cause the DMSO and vitamin E to go into the tip of your finger where it is not needed.  Please read again the instructions  for DMSO that you were given with your order.  TRH

Does Neprinol replace the Nattokinase, Fibrozym and Quercetin Bromelain Complex in the treatment of Dupuytrens?

Dr Herazy,

Does Neprinol replace the Nattokinase, Fibrozym and Quercetin Bromelain Complex in the treatment of Dupuytrens?


Mike Scully


Greetings Mike,

People who follow the Dupuytren Contracture Institute treatment concept use Neprinol in one of two ways – either as a total substitute for the other enzyme products, or in addition to them (usually with the Neprinol being the primary enzyme source and the others being used as a minor role).  The choice is yours.  I have long advised people to try Neprinol both way while assessing for which method brings about best change in the hand lump.

I would consider trying just the Neprinol by itself, and see how it works for you and the palm lumps.  If that is not enough to get your fibrous tissue to change favorably, then bring back the Fibrozym or Nattokinase, or Quercetin/Bromelain if you are also using it, or all of them.  A common strategy that is used is to take about 6-8 Neprinol daily, while taking 2-3 Fibrozym and 2-3 Nattokinase daily; all of these are taken between meals, as I am sure you know.  However, you also must know that Dupuytrens treatment is not just about using systemic enzymes to reduce the lumps on the palms.   You must also use other nutrients as  and treatment strategies at the same time to support the best change possible.

You must keep experimenting to learn what makes your scar respond favorably and then continue with that.   TRH

Do any fresh raw juices help Dupuytren contracture?

I am 70 years old and have had the lumps on both hands since childhood. They were just there and never were a problem until the last two or there years. Dupuytrens runs in the family, my younger brother had surgery and my grandfather had it.

I have been a vegetarian since 1968 and am in very good health. I have used fresh, raw vegetable and fruit juice therapy to completely cure arthritis, gout and even hepatitis and a liver problem. The principle of fresh, raw juice is like the DCI therapy, the use of enzymes. I have been using the DCI medium plan for about three weeks now and am noticing substantial softening of the tissue and I am very pleased with the progress. I follow the recommended dosage that came with the first order.

So my question: In your experience have you run across any fresh, raw juices that help? I have followed the advice in a little book by Dr Walker regarding fresh, raw juice and can only say these juice therapies have worked for me and others I have recommended the book to. Thank you for your work on this disease, the world needs healers.

William F Crist


Greetings William,

In families with strong genetic predisposition it is not unheard of to have hand nodules begin at a very early age, such as you seem to have experienced. 

I am pleased you are noticing good changes in your hands with the DCI treatment concept.

I have not found that the enzyme content of most juices is concentrated enough to do the good you are looking for, or that the enzymes are the type to reverse the collagen structure the way that Fibrozym, Nattokinase and Neprinol can accomplish.

Keep up the good work and let me know o your further progress.  TRH

What Dupuytren treatment do I recommend?

i have had dupuytrens and peyronies for over ten years. tried neprinol for several months and just about everything else too, castor oil, heat lamp, dmso. i even tried experimental homeopathic injection but nothing worked and i finally gave up. but i would like to try again with a medium plan. but i have lots of dmso and have already taken neprinol so would like to start with it. what do you recommend and how much will it cost? also, i really appreciate your peryronies site and the work you do.  thanks. i hope to hear from soon as i am ready to order.


Your email is very much like four or five I have received each week for many years.  Almost every day someone will write an email reciting a list of things he tried for a while that did not work for either his Peyronie’s disease or Dupuytren contracture, or both.   Any time you use these products as a solo therapy, and yo do not use them in the correct way, you cannot be surprised to get no results.    There is not a thing in world wrong with Neprinol, or heat, or DMSO – they are all good therapies.  However, each must individually be used correctly, and they work best when used in combination with other therapies to create a synergistic effect that supports and enhances your natural healing ability.  Used separately, and used in an inefficient manner, you will not see much happen.  When you follow the DCI concepts and learn how to approach your problem in this unique way you are much more likely to see good things happen with your Dupuytren nodules and Peyronie’s plaque.

Your injections could have injured your shaft by traumatizing the tunica albuginea.   It does not really matter what you inject into the penis, you cannot treat your tunica albuginea like a pin cushion and not expect things to happen in a penis that already has shown a tendency to over-produce scar material in response to injury.  I see this all the time when men inject erection producing medication, or cortisone, or anything else into the shaft.  Please do not do this any more.

You ask what I recommend.  I recommend that before you begin any kind of treatment that you first get “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” from the PDI store.    Read it so you know more about treating your PD in the right way.  I cannot recommend anyone particular way that you should go about treating yourself.  That is a decision you have to make; you will be able to do that after you read this book.

The medium size plan is the most popular entry for both Peyronie and Dupuytren treatment.  If you decide to start with it you will have a lot of good therapy to work with.  Please pay attention to the many instructions that come with it so you know how to correctly use each one.

Please contact me if you have any specific questions about treating your problem.   TRH

What do you recommend I start treatment with?

hi there,

i’ve had dupuytrens and peyronies for over ten years. i took neprinol for several months without effect, then something called vitalzym. over the last year or so i have sort of given up. now i would like to start again. i would like to start with the medium plan. but i have plenty of dmso and have already taken neprinol. what do you recommend i start with? and what would the cost be? thank you.


Thank you not only for you questions, but thank you for not giving up on yourself.   Some of the most positive results and grateful changes have happened with men who have had their DC and PD for many years and after many failed attempts.

Saying you took Neprinol for several months means nothing to me since, 1. you do not indicate exactly how you took it, and 2., we never recommend that anyone takes Neprinol by itself.  You used it incorrectly in my opinion.

Since you were using these therapies on your own without guidance it is obvious you were using them incorrectly (such as taking Neprinol by itself).   Please do not make the mistake of dismissing the value of Neprinol because you did not use it correctly.  Using Neprinol, or any other therapy that is in the DCI and PDI lineup, is not as simple as popping a few pills a day and hoping that you get over your problem.   There is a right way and a wrong way to do a lot of things in life, and DC and PD treatment with Neprinol or vitamin E or DMSO is no different.   Too bad the people who sold you the Neprinol did not know enough to give you guidance for its correct use.

You seem to have the opinion that since you experimented unsuccessfully with using Neprinol by itself in the past you assume the product is the fault for your lack of results, not how you went about using it.  If that is the case, it is my opinion you are incorrect.  Neprinol is a great product as I have written many times, but as good as it is it must be used in the right way and in combination with other therapies in a synergistic fashion for best results.

Look at it this way:  Tarred roofing shingles are a great product to put on the top of a new house.  If you built a house entirely of tarred roofing shingles it would not make for a successful house.   If you told people that tarred roofing shingles are bad because they did not create the results you desired, they might get the wrong idea.   Tarred roofing shingles are a part of a well built home.  However, they must be combined with lumber, and windows, and nails, and plaster board, and plumbing and electrical components, and hundreds of other things to make a fine home.  How you combine them determines the end result.  If your shingle house was a failure do not blame the shingles, blame the person who told you to try to do the entire job with just one product.

I can understand why a person would give up the kind of treatment you have  attempted after a while.   Many men get frustrated after a few weeks of guessing and experimenting without knowing what to do.

The DCI or PDI medium plan is a well balanced modest cost plan,  and for this reason it has been our most popular starting point.  When you receive your first order parcel you will be impressed with the amount of information that is enclosed with your order, telling you exactly what to do and what not to do to achieve the best results you can.

Saying you have plenty of DMSO means nothing to me because I have no idea of the quality of your product or the formulation. Most of the time people come to me after using a 100% DMSO product, thinking that stronger is better. That is usually the wrong thing to do for a variety of reasons.  We get good results with our PMD DMSO and Dusa Sal DMSO formulae from the laboratory of  Dr. Stanley Jacobs.   Both these products are not close to 100% DMSO and this is part of the reason they both work so well.  If you want to use your DMSO product, whatever it is and whatever it contains, that is your decision.  I cannot comment on it because I know nothing about it.

Since you ask my opinion how you should start your treatment, I will answer that you should start by getting my first book, “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” and study it.  Do not buy any kind of treatment products until you have a better idea of how and why you are using any of these things.  This book  will put your feet on the ground with both PD and DC treatment concepts so you will know what you are doing.  Up to this point you have been guessing about treatment.  After you read the book you will know much more about what you should be doing to help yourself.   You should also spend a few hours going over the DCI and PDI websites to educate yourself how to go about using Alternative Medicine to promote and support natural healing.  It is not as easy as grabbing a therapy product here and later another therapy product there, hoping something good happens.

Let me know if you have specific questions about DC and PD treatment.  TRH