Is it a trigger finger or Dupuytrens contracture?

I have it bad in my hands, my fingers either draw in or lock up during use and pain is THERE … I also have lumps under my skin on my lower back, are these the same thing?



When you say you have “it bad’ in your hands, exactly what do you mean?   Do you mean that you have a problem of bad pain and finger locking?   I cannot assume that you actually have Dupuytren’s contracture unless you have formally been given a medical diagnosis.    Usually, finger locking and severe pain are not a prominent part of Dupuytren disease.   The way you describe that your  “fingers either draw in or lock up during use” makes it sound like it is an occasional event, and this is not true of Dupuytren because when your fingers are flexed with Dupuytrens they stay that way except to slowly worsen; they do not straighten beyond the point of their involuntary flexion deformity. 

What comes to mind is that you have a trigger finger in one or more fingers.  Please see this link for information comparing trigger finger and Dupuytren contracture.  

A soft lump under the skin of the lower or mid back is often lipoma.    If this is true for you needs to be determined by medical examination.    There is no association between lipomas and Dupuytren’s contracture. 

Please have a competent orthopedic doctor examine you to determine what is going on with your hand and back.   TRH