Have you ever used therapeutic laser on Dupuytren contracture?

Have you ever used therapeutic laser on this condition?  Have you had success with laser and do you recommend it? I have access to laser treatment and have used it twice on my bumps (2 on the right palm.)  Thank you.



The great majority of therapies DCI recommends that are used together in a Dupuytren treatment plan have been researched with some degree of positive or favorable outcome.  This is not true of cold laser therapy; it has never been researched directly for treatment of Dupuytren contracture.

In the past I have considered conducting a private research program with volunteer members from DCI to test the efficacy of non-penetrating or cold laser therapy on palm lumps and cords, but have refrained due to cost and logistical issues.    If you are interested in participating in such as study please contact me personally and I will investigate this issue for your benefit.    I would be interested to look into such a laser project since I  have had often thought it might hold promise.   TRH