What is in Scar-X?

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Exactly what is in scar-x?



Scar-X  is a special homeopathic formulation that is only available through Dupuytren Contracture Institute, from Online Natural Healthcare LLC.    All necessary information about taking it comes with the order, so you know exactly how to take it correctly.

Scar-X is always a good choice in a therapy plan because it is a member of what is known as “the energy medicine group.”

The ingredients in Scar-X are:

Silica terra – 30x 60x  200xx
Phytolacca decandra – 1x 3x
Cacarea fliorica – 6x  9x  15x
Thiosinaminum – 2x  3x  6x
Thuja occidentalis – 1x 3x  6x  12x  9c  12c  15c
Arnica – 3x  6x  9c  15c
Caldium seguinum – 3x  6x
Graphite – 6x
Anthracinum – 30x
Rhus toxicodendron -9x  12x  15x
Kalium iodatum – 3x  4x
Nox vomica – 6x
Pituitary – 4c  7c  9c
Pineal – 4c  7c  9c
Hypothalamus  – 4c  7c  9c
Liver – 4c  7c  9c
Pancreas – 4c  7c  9c
Adrenal – 4c  7c  9c
Thyroid – 7c
Cow parsnip – 1c  3c
Damiana – 1c  3c
Gorse – 1c  3c
Thistle – 1c 3c

Homeopathic formulae like Scar-X contain extremely minute dilutions of some very specific substances.  You may or may not recognize all of the ingredients that are used. The numbers listed after the ingredients are the dilutions used in the formulary; some have three or more numbers, meaning that ingredient is present in three or more dilutions in the formula, and some have only one number, meaning it is present in only one dilution.

Homeopathy is a very different science that most people have never heard of or been exposed to in the past.  It is presently making a fantastic inclusion in standard medical practice.  Recently I was invited to attend a seminar at a local hospital in which the medical staff was encouraged to begin using homeopathic formulae in many different health problems, because of effectiveness, economy and absence of side-effects.     TRH