Where can I buy your Dupuytren treatment products?

Hello and thank you for your help!

Two years ago a doctor told me that the lump in my hand was probably a ganglion cyst but I was on my way overseas for work and never got a proper diagnoses. In the last 3 months I have noticed that there is a tightening of my palm closer to the last 2 fingers on my left hand (the original lump was below my middle finger) and it looks a lot like the last picture in the second row of pictures on your site.

I am 54 years old and work all over the world and only get back to the US once or twice a year.   Do you have a store in Arlington Heights where I can go to buy your products? My brother lives in Chicago area and I will be visiting there soon. Also if I come to your store/office can I get an appointment to see you (always like to see doctors my father was a pathologist in Illinois). Most important is knowing what treatment would be best. I play guitar and do not want this to stop me from playing. Presently I have no pain and other than the lumps not much loss of movement.  I do not want this to get worse.

If I buy a treatment it will have to be enough for at least 6 months as I will probably not be back in the US for at least that long.

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Greetings Bruce,

There is some question I have about what is actually going on with you that concerns me, so we really need to address this first.  

It is not possible to adequately diagnose this kind of problem by viewing and comparing pictures of actual cases  of Dupuytren contracture.  Since you have said you were diagnosed with a ganglion cyst – and not Dupuytren – I have will to go with that diagnosis at this time until proven otherwise.   You might be correct that you actually have Dupuytren’s contracture, but you could be just as easily wrong, too.    It is far too important to your health and the condition of your hand to be guessing with what is going on with you.   As you describe your current situation, I believe some or all of your symptoms could be coming from a ganglion cyst.   Even if you are a busy globetrotter you should make time to find the opportunity for a quality second opinion about your hand. 

The best treatment is the most aggressive and broadest based therapy plan you can sustain for at least 2-3 months, following the guidelines as you see set on this website.   

Once you have definitely confirmed that you have Dupuytren’s contracture you can easily order whatever you need from the DCI website store front to be shipped wherever you are in the world.    We have shipped internationally 20 times a week since 2002.      

Please get a formal diagnosis for your hand problem and get back with me when you do.  TRH 

What is my recommendation for a confusing contracture of finger?


A recent diagnosis of this contracture is confusing. For a couple of years I have had what was treated as a ganglion on my middle finger–it wouldn’t break. Then that finger started to bend oddly. I purchased some herbs for the cyst and it really helped the lump but it seemed to go into the fatty pad in my ring finger which started to bend. now the the doctor says that the ring finger is the contracture–with no treatment recommended but the pain is severe and all this seems to be going into the other hand.

The doctor wants to remove the remaining ganglion, etc but it seems minor compared to the pain in the ring finger. I have been doing stretching exercises, etc. but it is getting so bad I need some help (and would like to avoid even the more minor surgery). I am familiar with real pain as I have bone on bone in my ankle–from injury. The hand pain is getting close.

I feel I am in early stages and would like your recommendation for treatment.

In addition I need to know if these treatments are safe to use as a mild diabetic.

Thank you.

Mrs. Lana Long

Greetings Lana,

Thank you for your inquiry.

You did not directly state in your email whether your current diagnosis is actually for Dupuytren contracture, nor did you directly state that you had a formal diagnosis of a ganglion cyst of the middle finger.  I get the impression from what you reported and did not report that much of what you have said about your finger and hand problem is self-diagnosed, and this concerns me.

Considering there are several elements of your description that causes me also to be uncertain of your problem (such as the severe pain you describe, and initial involvement of the middle finger), and that your description makes it appear that your condition is actually worsening under your doctor’s care, my recommendation is that you get a second opinion from a hand specialist in your area to confirm your current condition and appropriateness of your current care.

When you have done this and can confidently report back what is happening in your hands I would be happy to reply to your inquiry.