What is the correct dosage for Dupuytren contracure?

Dr. Herazy,

I would like to know what is the correct dosage for the different Dupuytren medicines I see on your website.

Thank you.


Greetings Emily,

There are two basic ways I could answer your question, since you did not specify if you meant a starting dosage  or a treatment dosage.

The starting dosage DCI recommends is always what is on the label of each therapy product you are using; start at the manufacturer’s recommended dosage.  That particular information is supplied not only on the bottle, but we provide a separate sheet of information that lists the starting dosages for all the products we sell.

The Dupuytren treatment dosage could be an entirely different dosage than the starting dosage.   There are no recommended dosages from a treatment standpoint; we only provide reasonable starting points from which YOU determine your actual treatment level based on what it takes to get YOUR contracted tissue to change size, shape, density, thickness, adherence to the underlying fascia of the palm, and increased range of motion of your finger contractures.    This is a “do-it-yourself” project of the highest order of importance.  I can guide you to the steps of finding YOUR effective Dupuytren treatment dosage, but it is your job to actually determine what it takes to get the job done for you.

If you do not understand this, please let me know, since it is a critical concept that determines the difference between success and failure.


Dupuytrens Surgery Did Not Go Well

Dupuytrens contracture surgery did not go well

I have already had surgery for dupuytrens contracture in my left palm. The surgery was not well-performed and my little finger is again bending at 45 degrees. I suspect some of the dupuytrens cords were left in my finger and palm as it looks to me as if the cord is reforming in my palm. I am 57.

Would any of the supplements on the site be of any use at this stage?  If so, which would be the best to buy and what would the dosage be?


Greetings Lisa,

Sorry to learn of your problem.

It would have helped a bit if you would have mentioned how long ago your Dupuytren surgery took place, however I think I can still offer a meaningful reply to you.

To answer you well, a few things come to mind:

1.  All Dupuytren contracture will eventually recur after surgery.   Sooner or later the hand nodules and cords will develop again.  lThe fact that your little finger is again flexing in toward your palm does not necessarily mean that your surgeon did a bad job; your surgeon could have in fact done a spectacular job, and your Dupuytren problem would return anyway, given enough time.  It is said that for about half of the patients who have Dupuytren contracture surgery the palm lumps and nodules and finger contractures will return in approximately five years or so — for some people it might be a year or two, and for others it might be ten years, but five years is an average time for recurrence after any Dupuytren surgery.

2.  You wrote: “The surgery was not well-performed and my little finger is again bending…”   Do you mean that there were other issues and problems that told you right after surgery that your surgery was not performed well, or are you assuming that because your contracture is recurring that the surgery was not performed well?

3.  The recurrence of the Dupuytrens is not due to “…some of the dupuytrens cords [being] left in my finger and palm…”   Dupuytrens is not like a cancer that must be completely removed, or it will spread.  If all of the cord material was removed, or if some was left behind, you would have had this recurrence after a few years.

4.  From my experience, most surgeons tend to underplay or intentionally “forget” to mention certain things about a proposed surgery that might discourage a patient to have that surgery.  What would have happened if your surgeon had said something like this to you before your surgery?:  “You know, Lisa, we are going to cut here and cut there on your hand and finger, it will hurt pretty bad for a week after the surgery, and you will have to do rehabilitation for a month or two that will also be rather painful.  As a result of this hand surgery there is a good chance you will lose a little bit of feeling in your fingertip and you will also find that you will not get back full use of your finger because it will be permanently just a little stiff, and you will be able to predict bad weather in the future.  And, oh, one last thing:   I will do the best job for you that I can, but no matter how good I do, your Dupuytren contracture will come back in about five years — give or take a few years.  Actually, once I start doing Dupuytren surgery on you, I will have to keep on doing them because the condition never really goes away.”  You might not have had that surgery.  And that would mean your surgeon would have been a little less busy that week.

5.  There is not any way I or anyone can tell you ahead of time which of the DCI therapies may, or may not, be successful for you.  These are not drugs we are dealing with.  We are attempting to use naturally occurring nutritional substances to stimulate and support your ability to heal and repair the Dupuytren contracture and related soft tissue reaction in your hand.   Further, there is no best one to use.  They are all important and effective in their own way and all contribute to your effort to recover from the Dupuytren contracture.  What makes the DCI approach different and more effective than other Alternative Medicine approaches is that we recommend that you combine several therapies at the same time to “gang up” on your hand problem and support your healing potential to the maximum of your ability.   To understand this better I suggest that you read Dupuytren Contracture Treatment Philosophy and Dupuytren Contracture Treatment and Alternative Medicine.

6.  Dosage is always an important question.  Dosage is started at the lower end of what is suggested on the label of each therapy product.  From there it is increased in a way and at a rate that is thoroughly explained in the literature that is sent to you with each order you receive. You will be given complete instructions and suggestions to increase your dosage and manage your treatment in a way that will lead you to the highest level of recovery that is within your potential to heal and repair.

Dupuytren Contracture Treatment: Winning or Losing

Dupuytren contracture treatment and making a decision

Anything you decide to do for your Dupuytren contracture – even if that decision is to do nothing – is a choice and a calculated gamble.

The opinion of the Dupuytren Contracture Institute is that it is smart to use the best of what is known and available while the truth about Dupuytren treatment is still being debated.  If what you do to treat your hand contracture makes a difference to your palm lumps and finger contractures, look what you gained.  If your effort does not help your hand, you did not harm yourself and chances are the different various therapies were an improvement of your usual nutritional intake and benefited your overall health and well-being.

This website offers a base of information for you to create a personal treatment plan with reasonable possibility to improve your opportunity for success, based on the synergy created when using multiple therapies.  This is a safe option for Dupuytren treatment since none of these therapies are inherently dangerous. With so many simple, safe and sensible things that often work, even though none of them have full scientific proof and acceptance, you have a reasonable chance to increase your tissue’s ability to heal and repair the contracted and puckered tissue on the palm of your hand.  Even if these therapies do not help, there is only remote chance any of them could do harm. This is not true of medical therapies.  DCI uses therapies that are refinements of substances normally and naturally found in your tissues – vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.  None of the therapies we propose are foreign or invasive in nature.

Natural Dupuytren treatment all about increasing ability to self-heal

f you are successful in supporting your immune response and your tissue responds by reducing your dense and constricted tissue, you win.  If you are not successful in supporting your health sufficiently or early enough to adequately make the changes or improvement in your Dupuytren contracture as you hoped, you don’t lose. There are no known side-effects to the elements of this treatment plan, and you improved your eating habits, improved your nutrition input, exercised your hand muscles a bit more than usual, probably removed some plaque from your arterial walls, probably lowered your blood pressure, probably noticed that your blood circulation was improved and your hands and feet are not cold as they were before, and probably witnessed general improvement in your overall health – so you don’t lose.

If after following an aggressive and scientifically based Alternative Medicine program of care for the lump on the palm of your hand do not respond, as can certainly happen, then Dupuytren hand surgery can still be used.  The DCI Alternative medicine approach to treating this problem is a safe and reasonable way to use the time that the average MD would suggest that you do nothing to help yourself.

The person with a cold takes vitamin C to increase the function of his immune response, and expects to shorten the time he is ill.  The person who has a broken bone takes a calcium supplement to speed up bone healing.  The person who is anemic takes some extra iron.  The body builder who wants to build up some additional muscle tissue knows to take extra protein. The DCI tactic of aggressively using nutrition information about soft tissue healing in a Dupuytren contracture treatment plan is not much different.

The normal and full use of your hand or hands can be taken from you as Dupuytren contracture progresses.  Do all that you can, as early as you can, to allow your body the best opportunity to naturally reverse this problem.

For ideas and suggestions to organize an effective Alternative Medicine treatment plan, click Dupuytren Treatment Plan.

Mistaken Dupuytren Contracture Treatment Attitude

No guarantees in medical care, especially Dupuytren treatment

What’s the largest fundamental mistaken attitude in Dupuytren treatment?   This is a great question because holding this attitude could sabotage the success of a Dupuytren contracture treatment plan.

The incorrect attitude that undermines the effort of so many people with Dupuytren contracture is that they will only start Alternative Medicine treatment if it is it is guaranteed.   People who look for a Dupuytren cure probably take this attitude in an effort to avoid being duped by scam artists. Yet, they never stop to think that no doctor in his right mind will guarantee any form of treatment, even an aspirin.

Anyone with fingers contractures or bump on the palm of hand that eventually limit use of the hand wants to be rid of the problem.  They say they will do anything to return the full and normal use of their hand. I hear it all the time.  Yet, when I suggest certain things to do, such as additional Alternative Medicine therapies or exercise strategies to use that often make a difference, they reply with a different message.

When I discuss treatment ideas with someone I often encounter indecision and lack of commitment to recovery.  They report a willingness to try something new if it is:
1.  Easy
2.  Fast
3.  Guaranteed
4.  Inexpensive
5.  Convenient

Of these five reservations, the one that always interests me the most is the third on the list, wanting to know if the Dupuytren treatment presented by DCI is “guaranteed.”

Dupuytren contracture treatment cannot be guaranteed

When someone asks if this or that Dupuytren treatment is guaranteed I ask them, “What drug or surgical treatment have you ever received that has been guaranteed by anyone, especially a doctor?”  Of course, the answer is none; no one guarantees any kind of results for any kind of medical treatment.  Such a guaranteed is actually one of the signs of a medical fraud and quack.

A few weeks ago I had some dental work done to remove a badly cracked tooth.  I asked the dentist if he could guarantee if he could get the entire tooth and roots out of the socket.  He said, “No, I can’t.  If that root breaks off, you will have to go to the dental surgeon to have the jaw bone opened to remove that nasty little root.”  All we were dealing with was the removal of a root from a socket, like pulling a sliver out from under the skin, and he could not guarantee the outcome.

Also, because he could guarantee the effectiveness of the several Novocain shots he put into my jaw, he had to continually ask me how much numbness was created and how much pain I was having.  He asked, “Are you feeling any pain?” because even something as simple and direct as a Novocain shot represents an unknown outcome.

No medical doctor would guarantee that the high blood pressure medicine he prescribes – or even an aspirin – will work.  No doctor can guarantee the outcome of any treatment because the body does not operate that way.

No Dupuytren treatment from any source is easy, fast, guaranteed, inexpensive or convenient.  It is all tough work because Dupuytren contracture is one tough problem, and it will always recur after surgery to remove the lump and nodule on the palm.

There is no standardized Dupuytren’s cure at this time. The trick in treating Dupuytren contracture with Alternative Medicine is to be personally be more stubborn and tenacious than your problem.  It takes a made-up mind, with a high level of commitment to be successful over Dupuytren contracture when you treat yourself with natural remedies.  If you truly have a determined mind and you are prepared to do serious work to help yourself, you have increased your odds for success over your Dupuytren contracture.

Half-hearted effort will get you nothing – I can guarantee that!   Approach your treatment plan knowing it will not be easy, and that any good progress will take time and dedication.  Remember that all you are doing is an attempt to make your tissue healthier and stronger so you can correct your own Dupuytren contracture problem.  It’s as simple as that.

To help you put your plan together, I would be pleased to answer your questions about how to start Dupuytren treatment. Contact me at contact@dupuytrens-contracture.com