Do any fresh raw juices help Dupuytren contracture?

I am 70 years old and have had the lumps on both hands since childhood. They were just there and never were a problem until the last two or there years. Dupuytrens runs in the family, my younger brother had surgery and my grandfather had it.

I have been a vegetarian since 1968 and am in very good health. I have used fresh, raw vegetable and fruit juice therapy to completely cure arthritis, gout and even hepatitis and a liver problem. The principle of fresh, raw juice is like the DCI therapy, the use of enzymes. I have been using the DCI medium plan for about three weeks now and am noticing substantial softening of the tissue and I am very pleased with the progress. I follow the recommended dosage that came with the first order.

So my question: In your experience have you run across any fresh, raw juices that help? I have followed the advice in a little book by Dr Walker regarding fresh, raw juice and can only say these juice therapies have worked for me and others I have recommended the book to. Thank you for your work on this disease, the world needs healers.

William F Crist


Greetings William,

In families with strong genetic predisposition it is not unheard of to have hand nodules begin at a very early age, such as you seem to have experienced. 

I am pleased you are noticing good changes in your hands with the DCI treatment concept.

I have not found that the enzyme content of most juices is concentrated enough to do the good you are looking for, or that the enzymes are the type to reverse the collagen structure the way that Fibrozym, Nattokinase and Neprinol can accomplish.

Keep up the good work and let me know o your further progress.  TRH

Dupuytren Nutrition

Using natural supplements for Dupuytren contracture

The large idea behind using a wide variety of natural vitamin, mineral, herbal and enzyme supplements to treat Dupuytren contracture is not to treat Dupuytren contracture.  Got that?

Simply, the various natural therapies found in the different DCI therapy plans are not focused so much on the actual diseased Dupuytren fascial contracture or the flexed fingers, but on the person who has this terrible problem.  We advocate treating the person and not the Dupuytrens.  This might seem like a small point, but it is actually critical if you want to understand how to do your treatment plan well.

The intent of the Dupuytren concept we propose is not to treat the disease but to address the problems of the person who has the disease, so he/she can function better to reduce or eliminate the problem in whatever way is necessary.  When this type of broad-based nutritional support is done thoroughly and well, the goal is to assist and support the immune response of that person with Dupuytren contracture to deal with that problem better than he/she has previously.  Coupling the nutritional therapy with frequent at-home physical therapy techniques that are simple and easy to do, the results are a very gratifying 60-80% success.  This is accomplished without risk of drug side-effects, complications, infections, or recurrence of the problem – all of which can occur with Dupuytren surgery.

If you click on Dupuytren Contracture treatment Options you will find a list of various natural therapies, like vitamin E, MSM, acetyl-L-carnitine, PABA, DMSO, several different kinds of systemic enzymes, etc.   The treatment idea that makes the DCI philosophy of care so different is that we propose that you combine many of these to develop a synergistic plan of attack against your Dupuytren cords so your body can deal with them better than it ever has.

Have you heard or read that there is no evidence that vitamin E can help your Dupuytrens? Well, it might surprise you to know that I also believe that is true; I think that vitamin E does not help Dupuytrens – when it is used by itself.  But, when vitamin E is combined with a high dosage of other nutritional therapies as you see listed above, the results can be dramatic.  The drug and medical research establishment have never treated Dupuytren contracture the way we do at DCI.

DCI is getting results with Dupuytren contracture because we are using nutrition in a different way than they know about.

Read the DCI website, learn there is a different way to treat this problem in your hand.  Dupuytren nutrition is not only about your hand, it is about all of you.  See if our approach makes sense to you.