Dupuytren contracture and hand ointments?

Besides dealing with Dupuytrens Contracture for the last couple of years, I’ve had a problem with eczema (mainly on my hands) all my life. The skin on my hands is very dry so I frequently wash my hands and apply ointments. I’ve never found a product that cures the condition but some make it better. I’m currently using an OTC product called Aquaphor which is petrolatum based. Unlike many other products I’ve tried – especially cortisone creams – there are no obvious side effects. But I’m wondering if my DC is possibly being aggravated by this sort of ointment. If you think this may be the case what other product would you recommend for the eczema?


There is nothing in the scientific literature that addresses petroleum based products and Dupuytren contracture.  I cannot imagine any adverse reaction to your Dupuytren nodule because you have used something like Aquaphor or other petroleum based product.

Sorry, but I do not know enough about eczema treatment to offer any suggestion to you.   TRH