Dupuytrens treatment: Which supplements should I start with to increase dosage?

Hi Dr. Herazy, I am taking the supplements recommended on the large plan for Dupuytrens treatment and am doing fine with the program. I would like to ramp up the dosages that I am taking. Can you please give me a recommendation as to which supplement or supplements I should start with to increase the dosages?  I am really eager to get rid of this Dupuytren’s contracture and I want to do it the right way.


Rod Wade


Greetings Rod,

Before replying, I will assume that you have carefully measured your hand nodules and cords as well as your limitations of hand movement before starting your Dupuytren treatment.  Otherwise, you will not know for sure when those early improvements in your hand and Dupuytren’s contracture will occur.

You must have a clear, detailed and accurate assessment of the size, shape, density, surface features of the palm nodules and cords.  Also, you need to measure the the distance of the involved finger tips to the wrist.  Lastly, you should also know the exact distance of your palm to the top of a table when you try to flatten your hand on it.  If you do not have these last measurements you can learn about this process at  Hand contracture measurement for Dupuytren treatment It is critical that you know have this information to guide you to your correct Dupuytrens treatment dosage.

OK, I have to mention this particular information to everyone because this is such an important part of the process of directing your treatment of Dupuytrens.  Even so, many people think they can skip it.  Wrong!  Skipping this step is a sure way to get confused and lost on your way to eliminating your hand contracture problem.  Decide to not only do it, but do it as carefully and exactly as you can.

Now to answer your question about changing dosage as your large Dupuytrens treatment plan progresses.

For most people, especially when they are in the early phases of Dupuytrens treatment, it works best to increase your dosage of one enzyme product (Neprinol, Nattokinase 1500, Fibrozym or  Bromelain 5000 and Neprinol).  Also, a tthis same time, increase one of the support products (acetyl-L-carnitine, Bromelain 500,Fundamental Sulfur or MSM, PABA, Quercetin-Bromelain, Scar-X homeopathic remedy, Omega T, etc.).  Check for improvement in the condition of the hand every 7-10 days, using all of the methods and areas mentioned in my second paragraph.  In this way every 7-10 days two therapies are increased, with increase of the enzymes than support therapies.  With this double increase in your large Dupuytrens treatment the changes are gradual but consistent.

Make no increase or change in your therapy dosage as soon as you notice the first small improvement in the hand nodules, cords or reduction of finger contracture.  Simply continue doing what you were doing to get to that point when the good progress started; maintain that same dosage and therapy activity until either your Dupuytrens goes away or your progresses stalls.  If it stalls or stops progressing then you once again increase your plan until the favorable changes start up again.

Do not be too eager to add to your therapy plans. Do not increase the number of therapies until you  have thoroughly explored all the possible dosage levels, and combinations of dosage levels that you can try during each 7-10 day cycle.  Do not make your plan too complicated too early by adding more therapies than the original 11 parts of the large plan. Work deeply into the various dosages and combinations of what you already have in front of you, than add in new therapies.   

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If you have a specific question about this subject of dosage in your Dupuytrens treatment plan I would be most happy to hear it and answer as best I can.  These particular questions about higher dosage are so unique to the individual.  Fore this reason it is often necessary to set up a telephone discussion so we can talk about your particular situation and get the best answer fore you.  Written generalities are often not as good as a one-on-one discussion about what is going on in your specific experience.   Please contact me about any other questions concerning Dupuytrens treatment you might have.  TRH

Dupuytrens treatment plan

Can you give me guidance with my Dupuytren’s treatment plan 

Please, I need some guidance with my Dupuytrens treatment plan. I understand “tissue response guides dosage”, but I am using a medium (better) plan.  I am taking multiple (6) oral products with multiple dosages. If I don’t see progress after 3 weeks, then which product dosages should I increase first? It doesn’t seem logical to increase all 6 at once, but increasing only one at a time would be a slow process. Can you give me some additional guidance on my next step if the starting dosages don’t do the trick?

I am also curious if you had insight as to the relative merits of adding additional products vs increasing the dose of the products I already have. While I am not rich, the cost is not my major concern… healing the condition is.


Dupuytrens treatment plan to be successful must follow the size, shape, density and degree of adhesion of hte Dupuytren's nodule and finger cord. natural treatment early is a good choice over hand surgery since there are no side effects. Thank you for some interesting questions about Dupuytrens treatment

Which therapies to increase first in a Dupuytrens treatment plan depends on what dosage you are currently taking.  For most people the dosage of vitamin E stops at just two capsules.  A few have taken higher dosages of vitamin E, but it is not common.  So, there is not much room to increase vitamin E dosage.  That is not true for the other therapies in a DCI medium plan.  

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As a general approach to increasing dosage after the initial round at the start of self-treatment.

  1. Increase the systemic enzymes (Inflamazym, Fibrozym, Neprinol, etc) earlier and to a greater level than other support therapies. As I tell customers, “All therapies are increased, but we tend to stress the enzymes a bit more than the support therapies.”
  2. Support therapies (PABA, MSM, L-arginine, Scar-X homeopathy, etc) are selectively worked with. Those support therapies found in a plan are usually all that are necessary.  Occasionally, we find someone who needs to add something else.   
  3. I tend to favor an increase of enzyme dosage and an increase of any one of the support therapies per each 7-10 day cycle.  If no change is noted in the Dupuytren’s nodule or cord tissue, do it again 7-10 days later.  Continue doing this every 7-10 days until the fibrous tissue changes a little.  If you follow this approach with your Dupuytrens treatment plan you will not make fast or drastic changes in your plan, but you will move it along nicely.
  4. Locate the DCI instruction sheet your received with your order, “Higher Treatment Dosage Levels and Safety.” It explains the general dosage level at which tissue changes occur in the palm lump and finger cord.  This instruction sheet is a general guide.  Keep in mind that everyone seems to have a different dosage pattern that must be determined.

Dupuytren’s treatment plan based on SSDD

Of course, you know to carefully determine the exact size, shape, density and degree of adhesion (SSDD) of the palm lump.  Frequently monitor SSDD to learn when to increase or stop increasing your dosages. Simple. After the first change in the palm lump or cord SSDD is noticed, then no additional changes are made to the plan.

Your last question is most interesting.  You asked for insight as to the relative merits of adding additional products vs. increasing the dose of the products…” People are far too eager to add to their therapy plans.  They make their plans too large too early.  This only makes their Dupuytrens treatment plan more complicated than it needs to be.  Some people make the mistake of increasing the dosage of a particular product once.  They then assume they can go no higher.  It is far better to work deeply into the area of greater dosage.  Explore all the combinations of higher dosages that are possible before even thinking about adding another therapy item to your lineup.  

If you have a specific question about your Dupuytrens treatment plan I would be most happy to hear it.  I will answer as best I can.  Most often these particular questions about higher dosages are unique to the individual, and the level of tissue change noticed.  For these reasons, it is usually necessary to set up a telephone discussion to discuss your particular situation for the best answer.  Written generalities are often not as good as a one-on-one discussion.   Please contact me if you feel you have to do so.  TRH

Will this Dupuytrens treatment keep the hand lump from getting larger and my fingers from curling?

Hello Dr. Herazy, I have a question about dupuytrens treatment.  I am a 51 yr old women who was just told the small lump in my hand is dupuytren’s contracture. I was told right now there is nothing that can be done because I can still put my hand down flat on a table. My husband found your site and wants me to start the treatment. Can I start the dupuytrens treatment at this early stage of the disease?

Will this keep the lump from getting larger and my fingers from curling?

Thank you for any information you can give me.   Roseann

Greetings Roseann,

Sorry to hear of your hand problem.

From my experience in working with this form of natural Dupuytrens treatment for almost 11 years I can tell you that the earlier you start self-treatment, the better the results tend to be.  All we are attempting to do is to support and reinforce the natural ability of the body to remove foreign tissue; an early start when the problem is as small as possible, makes most sense. 

This concept is different from the standard medical approach your doctor is suggesting, because that approach is for radical removal of tissue.   The standard medical model is based on the hand contracture being as advanced, debilitating and severe as possible before surgery, so that the surgery is not done too soon in the course of the disease.  All surgeons know that the surgery is not a cure, and that Dupuytrens recurrence is inevitable after each surgery, no matter how well done.  By waiting to do surgery as  long as possible the number of recurrences is minimized.

Our concept is that if surgery can possibly be avoided by doing everything possible to help the hand lump heal with natural Dupuytrens treatment, then a real service has been provided.   There is no way for me to tell you if this approach will work for you.  I can tell you it has worked for many people, especially when started early in the progression of the contracture.  I suggest to you that you use the largest and most aggressive therapy approach you can afford to apply for at least 2-3 months to see if your body is capable of making this Dupuytrens treatment work for you.  If it helps you, look at what you have gained.  If it does not help you, you will know you have at least tried to do something conservative before undergoing aggressive hand surgery. 

Please let me know if I can help you in any way.  TRH


Is there a way to get rid of Dupuytren’s contracture for good?

Hi Dr. Herazy,

I noticed a small bump on my right palm which I expect to be Dupuytren’s Contracture. I am getting it checked out by a Orthopedic Surgeon tomorrow but would like to get your insight so I can assess treatment options if my lump does indeed turn out to be Dupuytren’s.

I understand from reading your website that the solutions recommended by the Surgeon’s often have a high recurrence rate for those inflicted. What I haven’t got a sense of from reading this website is the recurrence rate of those who have followed the Alternative Medicine plan outlined by your Institute. I’d like to get an idea of whether the treatment offered by your institute can (for some, if followed correctly) eliminate Dupuytren’s Contracture or if your plan simply reduces the impact of the contracture and allows people to resume activities while managing the contracture.

Long story short, is there a way to get rid of this thing for good? I appreciate your time and insight.




Greetings Karl,

Great question about Dupuytrens treatment results with Alternative Medicine, thanks for asking about this important topic.

As I have written and said many times as I communicate with people who have Dupuytren’s contracture, I am unable to conduct the level of research that is commonly associated with large universities, drug manufacturers or hospitals; DCI does not have any way of regulating or monitoring the Alternative Medicine treatment of any individual, nor do we have any way of evaluating outcomes from that treatment other than what I am told by those who use this method of treatment.  In fact, no one is obligated to communicate at all with me in regard to any aspect of their care.  As a result I only know what I am told voluntarily by people before, during and after their Dupuytrens treatment, and this is sometimes sketchy.  For this reason I do not have outcome data that you might expect to use to judge treatment results, as would be available from a billion dollar institution doing a multimillion dollar research project.  It is unfortunate that the anecdotal information coming in cannot be independently confirmed for better evaluation.  It would be great to be able to generate decisive statistics and numbers that we both are looking for, but that is the best I am able to do at this time. 

Having explained all of that, based on the current limitations I work under, there are four  important aspects of Dupuytren treatment outcome after using a DCI-based Alternative Medicine treatment plan I can definitely share with you that you can evaluate as you deem appropriate:

1.   I receive 10-12 emails and phone calls of a positive nature (people reporting various levels of improvement from total reduction of Dupuytren palm nodules and cords, or full and normal finger mobility, to only slight to moderate changes of those same aspects of previous hand problems), for every one email or phone call of a negative nature (people reporting no  improvement of Dupuytren palm nodules and cords, or continued loss of the same degree of finger mobility). Considering how people tend to complain more than they compliment, I take the 10/12:1 ratio of positive to negative reports after DCI treatment to be a strongly positive outcome. 

2.  As I talk or email to those people who report a negative outcome after using a DCI type Alternative Medicine treatment plan for their Dupuytren problem, I consistently find that they have not used a very large plan or they used their plan incorrectly in one or more fundamental ways that would tend to me make me consider that they did not use their plan correctly or at least not as described on the DCI website or as suggested in the information DCI and Online Natural Medicine provides to these folks.  Many times I learn this is done out of financial limitation, other times it is simply due to misunderstanding or obstinance against “being told what to do” although we never prescribe treatment but only make suggestions and offer ideas, or they are simply people who are only looking for a “quick fix” and are not inclined to do the work needed for thorough and effective treatment.

3.  While doing this work since 2002 with people who have Dupuytren’s contracture I have not had one person, not one, come back to me a year or two or ten later to report their hand lumps or cords or finger contracture have returned.  I am unaware of any recurrence from people who have improved after using the DCI concept of Alternative Medicine treatment to help their recovery from Dupuytren’s contracture.  Recurrence might happen after DCI treatment, but I have not been told by any of these folks that their hand problem returned. It is my assumption that if recurrence does happen, I would be told about it by some percentage of these people many times during this many years; this would be especially true if you consider, as I mentioned previously, that people do tend to complain more than they compliment. I also do not ever notice that someone who was ordering products from DCI several years ago will suddenly begin to order therapy products again after a several year absence.  This would further tend to support the idea that people do not experience recurrence of their DC problem after this method of treatment.

4.   Many of the people who come to the internet for help with their Dupuytrens begin their search only after the recurrence starts after their first hand surgery.  Many are alarmed to find their hand problem recurred just six months or a year after surgery, and they are looking for alternatives rather than risk losing more hand tissue to the surgeon.   I speculate that approximately half of the people who are following a DCI treatment plan have already had one hand surgery, and occasionally even two or three surgeries.  For any of these people to experience improvement, and be able to avoid additional surgery, is truly wonderful and a testament to how the body is able to recover from a serious problem when given a little assistance with Alternative Medicine.   Natural recovery after having hand surgery is usually not as satisfactory as those who have never had hand surgery.  This reduced outcome makes sense since after hand surgery they have less normal and healthy tissue available.

Do the Dupuytren’s treatment plans come with instructions?

hi, do your Dupuytren treatment plans come with suggested directions, amount to take, order of application? i only find a few comment here and there on your site if i am going to buy i want to know what i am doing.

thanks Jim


Greetings Jim,

All our Dupuytren’s treatment plans come with complete detailed information so you will know how to use it well.  Everyone who does business with us is surprised at the detail and thoroughness of the instructions that come with every order.   In addition, I am always available by email or phone if a problem or question arises along the way.  TRH