Any suggestions for lady with a strong family association with Dupuytren contracture and Ledderhose disease?


family history of dupys, aunt, mom, and sister and myself, my sister has has several hand surgery’s, my mom has had frozen shoulder and recently her hands started swelling, me, both hands and ledderhose disease.   i am a flight attendant and it is greatly affected my work.  i can’t work much to to the pain.  i have plantar fascitis.  my hands and feet ache and throb now, and my moms hands are swelling.  we all have garrods pads as well.  i am concerned with the ledderhose disease.  the lump on my left foot gets larger when i work and is very painful, i have to take pain meds.  at the end of a flight i am miserable.  i am looking for any suggestions.  ancestry is from england and we all have blue eyes, go figure.


Yes, it must be wonderful to have Vikings on the family tree.

I suggest you go to the DCI website and get busy by reading a few things to educate yourself about self-care of Dupuytren contracture (which often also has a beneficial effect on the Ledderhose disease of the feet).   You might read Start Dupuytren treatment to better understand the process and a few of the links you encounter along the way.



What is the best enzyme or enzymes to take for Dupuytren contacture?

What is the best enzyme or enzymes to take for DC?

Thank you,


Greetings Duane,

There is a variety of different systemic enzymes that are useful as a part of the overall treatment of Dupuytrens contracture.  Neprinol, Fibrozym, Nattokinase and Bromelain are the enzyme products that can be used.

Each person will respond differently and so I can offer no magic answer to your question.  The best one for you is determined over time by observing the response of your palm nodules and cords, and the changes in your finger contracture while you are under self-treatment.

If you are looking to isolate the very best single therapy and concentrate your efforts with that one product, you will not be successful.  The best treatment results are seen when a broad and diverse group of therapies are used to support and encourage tissue healing.   These are not drugs that we suggest for Dupuytren treatment, these  most closely can be thought of as foods. 

The current thinking – since this kind of thinking does change as we all know – is that perhaps one of the best foods you can eat is salmon (or broccoli, or blueberries, or walnuts or…).  What if you concentrated your entire diet to that one food?  What would happen to you if you ate nothing but salmon?  Or just broccoli?  Or just…?   Would that be the best way for you to eat to sustain life and health?  No, of course not.  Even though some people would say that you are eating the “best” food, you need a broad and diverse diet to meet all your nutritional needs. 

The same way with Dupuytrens treatment.  You need a broad and diverse intake of a variety of nutrients and enzymes to help your body rid itself of the palm lumps that plague you.  

I cannot tell you which enzyme or enzymes would work best for you. That is best determined on an individual basis while monitoring the condition of your lumps and cords for changes.  TRH

Do you think my hand lump and pain are Dupuytren contracture?

my doctor told me i have dupuytren contracture in my right hand.   i had a small lump came in my hand after i had carpal tunnel surgery about 3 years ago.   lately  it has gotten worse.  now doctor tell me about dupuytren disease.   at the start i had very little pain, but i have pain all the time now.  i play the piano and maybe that the reason i’m in pain.  what do you think?  my fingers are not bent, just in pain .  joyce

Greetings Joyce,

It is not uncommon for Dupuytren’s contracture to start after hand surgery, like for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  It is also not uncommon for Dupuytren’s contracture to occur in piano players who stress their hands, arms and shoulders by prolonged practice and playing.  Early stages of Dupuytren disease will only demonstrate a palm lump or two with variable pain, and no finger contracture or stiffness.   The problem of finger contracture appear only later when cords of soft tissue develop in the palm.  Based on your brief description your problem does not seem out of the ordinary for an early case of DC.    

Apparently your doctor, who has examined you, thinks you have Dupuytren contracture so I think there is no reason to doubt that diagnosis.

I suggest you consider getting busy treating your hand problem with Alternative Medicine therapy while it is still manageable.  Go to start Dupuytren treatment for more information to help your body heal this problem.  TRH

What topical treatment would you recommend to treat my Dupuytren lump?

I have one lump on my palm and have recently started treating it with vitamin E oil and DMSO. What other topicals would you recommend?


In addition to the Dusa Sal DMSO and Unique-E vitamin E oil I would recommend that you also use a few internal therapies in your Dupuytren treatment plan. 

Internal therapies are those vitamins, minerals, supplements and enzymes that are swallowed and taken to the interior of the body for distribution to all tissues.  The internal therapies that can be used for Dupuytren treatment are:

  1. Factor E 400/400                                     
  2. Maxi-Gamma E                                     
  3. PABA
  4. Scar-X
  5. Neprinol                                                     
  6. Nattokinase                                               
  7. Fibrozym                                                   
  8. Quercetin-Bromelain  
  9. MSM
  10. Acetyl-L-carnitine                            

It is a good idea to use as many of these internal therapies as you think are needed and appropriate for your case.  However, these general and system-wide internal therapies will work better when used with external therapies, just as external therapies applied topically will work better when used with internal therapies.

If you insist on adding another topical to what you are now doing, i suggest that you look at Super CP Serum which is a copper peptide product that will influence repair of damaged tissue and reduce fibrous and collagen tissue build up.

Do not make the mistake of using only external (or only internal) therapies, and thinking you are doing a good job of treating your Dupuytren contracture.  Good treatment is a balance of both Internal and External therapies, and earns far better results than a limited plan.   TRH


Sources for Scar-X

I see these listed under ingredients for Scar-X:

Pituitary – 4c 7c 9c
Pineal – 4c 7c 9c
Hypothalamus – 4c 7c 9c

Are these tissues sourced from bovine sources?



Yes, these are of bovine origin.  However, keep in mind that in a homeopathic preparation it is merely the energy signature that is present and not the actual tissue or substance that is listed.   Many vegetarians understand this and know that it does not violate their principles to include Scar-X in their Dupuytren treatment plan.   TRH