Dupuytren Cord

Dupuytren hand contracture caused by collagen cord

Dupuytren contracture is a hand condition that primarily affects adult males, in which the thin layers of connective tissue (fascia) immediately below the skin thickens and shortens, causing dense cords and nodules to be seen and felt on the palm.  The tight and shortened Dupuytren cord on the palm of the hand cause the fingers to contract and draw down toward the palm.

Question/Answer section: Natural Dupuytren contracture treatment

The disease most often starts with a palm lump that resembles a knotted callus.  This lump on the palm of the hand is most commonly found at the base of the ring or little finger; the middle finger is only involved in severe cases of Dupuytren contracture.  Gradually a prominent cord develops as the fibrous tissue cells of the palm multiply causing the tissue to thicken.  As this process continues below the skin surface, the skin above is forced to distort by puckering, denting, dimpling and becoming rough.  Over time these each thick cord contracts to slowly pull each involved finger down toward the palm.  Progression of finger flexion and loss of hand dexterity is difficult to predict in regard to speed and degree of hand contracture.

This same process of excess of soft tissue thickening, contracture of tissue and development of cord-like structure can also affect the soles of the feet, known as Ledderhose disease.   This process in the feet will cause a tightening of the skin and curling down of the toes similar in appearance and consequence to what happens in Dupuytren contracture.  It is noted statistically that when Ledderhose disease develops in the feet, any associated Dupuytren contracture that is present will be more severe than average.

The Dupuytren Contracture Institute has specialized since 2002 in the use of Alternative Medicine therapies and techniques that are found to be successful in perhaps 60-80% of cases of Dupuytrens without risk of worsening or side-effects.  Contact Dupuytren Contracture Institute for helpful ideas about how to start a Dupuytren treatment plan with Alternative Medicine.