Tips to Make Your Dupuytren Treatment More Successful

How to take supplements in a Dupuytren contracture treatment plan

Some people get confused about taking their Dupuytren contracture treatment supplements at the start of care.  If it is true that timing is everything, as they say, then timing is critical to the success of a Dupuytren treatment program.  Therapy supplements not taken at the right time can be the difference between slight progress and great progress, and even no progress and complete recovery.

It is wise to double check that each one of your dupuytren therapies are taken at the right time.   Not that long ago I spoke to a woman from England – after four months of self care – finally realize that she got confused on her  first day on her treatment plan, and was taking her Neprinol WITH meals.  What a terrible mistake, and waste of valuable opportunity for recovery!

Take these with meals (immediately before eating or during a meal):

1. Vitamin E (Maxi-Gamma, Formula # 400/400 or Unique E)


3. Fundamental Sulfur with C (MSM) – (start by taking between meals –if not tolerated well and having gastric complaints, then take with meals, as shown below)

4.  Acetyl-L-Carnitine (start by taking between meals –if not tolerated well and having gastric complaints, then take with meals, as shown below)

Take these between meals (1 hour or more before eating or 2 hours after eating):

1. Neprinol

2. Fibrozym

3. Nattokinase

4. Fundamental Sulfur with C (MSM)

5. Acetyl-L-Carnitine

6. Quercetin/Bromelain

7. Scar-X – be careful you do not even chew gum or eat candy during this time; your mouth must not even have the taste of food in it when you take homeopathy

It saves time and effort to separate all the supplements you will need for the day, at the beginning of the day.  It takes far more time and effort to handle the bottles twice a day, rather than doing just once.   If you are going to eat all your meals away from home, put all your supplements you will take at each meal in a small plastic bag for easy and clean transport.  Dropping these bags in your purse of shirt pocket makes it easier to remember and easy to take as the day progresses.

A helpful tip is to write a large “X” on the bottle top of all products you take between meals.  Finding them will be easier when organizing your supplements each day.

Please talk to your personal physician about the Dupuytren plan you are going to follow, and any digestive upset that might occur along the way.  Keep your family doctor informed about your progress and your current condition, especially when there is a problem.

Contact Dupuytren Contracture Institute for helpful ideas about how to start a Dupuytren treatment plan with Alternative Medicine.

Dupuytren Contracture and Baby Boomers

Dupuytren hand and finger contracture common in elders

If you are a member of the baby boomer generation and have never heard of Dupuytren contracture, you are not alone.  However, if you are a male baby boomer with a history of liver disease, you are in the prime age group to experience a problem you know nothing about.  This is so because Dupuytren contracture primarily affects men between 50 and above, although women can also develop the problem, especially if you have ancestors form the Scandinavian countries and Northern Europe or have immediate family who have this  problem.

Few people know about the problem until they need Dupuytren treatment.   This is why it is important for all baby boomers to know about it because this health problem can easily make your life miserable.

Dupuytren contracture is a condition of the hand in which the deep tissue becomes thick and contracted, ultimately causing one or more fingers to flex and contract toward the palm, greatly reducing finger and hand movement and functionality.  Most everything about this condition (cause, progression, symptoms, age distribution, response to treatment) is variable and unique to the person who has it.  The great variability of Dupuytren contracture that  makes it difficult to study and to understand also makes it extremely difficult to treat like other medical conditions.

Treatment of Dupuytren contracture

At this time there is no standard or accepted medical treatment for the hand contracture that develops, other than Dupuytren surgery which usually has to be repeated after five years or less after the first surgery and then even sooner after each subsequent hand surgery.  Eventually, no surgery can be performed because the available tissue for repair has been used up in prior surgeries.   Given enough time after Dupuytren surgery the condition will only re-appear in a worsened presentation.

The Dupuytren Contracture Institute has specialized since 2002 in the use of Alternative Medicine therapies and techniques that are found to be successful in perhaps 60-80% of cases of Dupuytrens without risk of worsening or side-effects.  For more information about the Alternative Medicine approach, learn how to start Dupuytren contracture treatment.

Dupuytren Contracture Treatment with DMSO

Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) as a Dupuytren treatment

DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) was first synthesized in Germany in 1866.  Since that time it has been commercially available as a by-product of the wood and pulp industry.  Its current principle use is as an industrial solvent, and a smaller use as a medical therapeutic agent. DCI has been using DMSO as a primary Dupuytren treatment agent since 2002.

Stanley W. Jacob, MD, and others at the University of Oregon Medical School, in 1964, first investigated and described the remarkable medicinal properties of DMSO.  When applied to intact human skin, they discovered it penetrates rapidly and produces a wide range of pharmacologic actions (nonspecific enhancement of immunity, reduction of blood platelet adhesion local analgesia, dilatation of blood vessels, anti-inflammatory  properties, increased renal function to reduce edema, stopping bacterial growth in its presence, a carrier action with drugs it is coupled with, and softening of collagen (the primary component of the Dupuytren contracture palmar nodule).

As a result, DMSO has been used widely to treat various conditions (acute and chronic musculoskeletal trauma, arthritis and bursitis, chronic urogenital disorders, scleroderma, and unresponsive postoperative pain syndromes). No local or systemic toxicity or tissue destruction has ever been noted in humans when DMSO is used therapeutically.

Many veterinarians consider DMSO to be the most valuable therapeutic substance in their armamentarium.  DMSO is an approved pharmaceutical agent for human use in more than 125 countries, except the U.S. In 1970, the FDA approved DMSO for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders in dogs and horses.  Later, in 1978, the FDA gave approval for DMSO as a therapy for interstitial cystitis, a painful and disabling urinary bladder inflammation.

DMSO became a prescription item in the USSR in 1971 for various musculoskeletal problems. Dr. V. Balabanova of the Moscow Institute of Rheumatology estimates that approximately 50 percent of the Russian population who have arthritis will receive DMSO as part of their therapy. There are more than one hundred articles in the world’s literature relating to DMSO and arthritis. This widespread and common use is based on the well-established pharmacologic actions of DMSO to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, soften scar tissue and contracted fibrous tissue elements, remove free radicals, increase circulation and stimulate healing.  No one with Dupuytren contracture can deny the value of these functions in the repair of the dense fibrous lumps on palms.

Dupuytren Contracture Institute supports DMSO use

Based on research from around the world, DMSO has proven to be an effective treatment for many illnesses that otherwise have no known therapy. DMSO is safer, far less expensive, and at least as effective for a variety of problems for which the medical community is presently using other, less effective, and more costly treatments. In 1972 the National Academy of Sciences evaluated the scientific data on DMSO and determined it was a least as effective as other currently approved treatments for three musculoskeletal inflammatory human conditions. Yet, it has not been given FDA approval for these same conditions. Certainly, one of the most important questions about any new medicinal therapy is safety.  The only potentially serious side effect is the occasional patient who is allergic.  In Dupuytren contracture treatment, this is managed simply by controlling the small area to which DMSO is applied and the administration of topical vitamin E and urea with the DMSO (under the product name Dusa-Sal) used by DCI.

A careful review of the published literature on DMSO shows there is not a single death definitely attributed to this agent. Since it first appeared in the mid-1960s, hundreds of millions of treatments have been applied worldwide, showing that DMSO is a substance of extraordinary low tissue toxicity. At that time the FDA had received data submitted by approximately 1,500 U.S. physicians concerning over 100,000 DMSO applications, all showing safety and effectiveness. The pharmaceutical companies submitting this positive data were Squibb, Merck, and Syntex, all who would have suffered economic harm if this inexpensive therapy was made more popular and readily available.  With the withdrawal of their support, all further U.S. DMSO research and documentation of effectiveness has stopped.  Thus, the large drug companies blocked further interest or use of a safe, easy, effective and inexpensive substance, so they could develop drugs with greater profit potential.

Much of the resistance to the use of DMSO in Dupuytren treatment is more political and economic, than scientific.  For these reasons, the Dupuytren Contracture Institute has used the Dusa Sal brand of DMSO in its therapy program since 2002.

Dupuytren Contracture Treatment: Winning or Losing

Dupuytren contracture treatment and making a decision

Anything you decide to do for your Dupuytren contracture – even if that decision is to do nothing – is a choice and a calculated gamble.

The opinion of the Dupuytren Contracture Institute is that it is smart to use the best of what is known and available while the truth about Dupuytren treatment is still being debated.  If what you do to treat your hand contracture makes a difference to your palm lumps and finger contractures, look what you gained.  If your effort does not help your hand, you did not harm yourself and chances are the different various therapies were an improvement of your usual nutritional intake and benefited your overall health and well-being.

This website offers a base of information for you to create a personal treatment plan with reasonable possibility to improve your opportunity for success, based on the synergy created when using multiple therapies.  This is a safe option for Dupuytren treatment since none of these therapies are inherently dangerous. With so many simple, safe and sensible things that often work, even though none of them have full scientific proof and acceptance, you have a reasonable chance to increase your tissue’s ability to heal and repair the contracted and puckered tissue on the palm of your hand.  Even if these therapies do not help, there is only remote chance any of them could do harm. This is not true of medical therapies.  DCI uses therapies that are refinements of substances normally and naturally found in your tissues – vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.  None of the therapies we propose are foreign or invasive in nature.

Natural Dupuytren treatment all about increasing ability to self-heal

f you are successful in supporting your immune response and your tissue responds by reducing your dense and constricted tissue, you win.  If you are not successful in supporting your health sufficiently or early enough to adequately make the changes or improvement in your Dupuytren contracture as you hoped, you don’t lose. There are no known side-effects to the elements of this treatment plan, and you improved your eating habits, improved your nutrition input, exercised your hand muscles a bit more than usual, probably removed some plaque from your arterial walls, probably lowered your blood pressure, probably noticed that your blood circulation was improved and your hands and feet are not cold as they were before, and probably witnessed general improvement in your overall health – so you don’t lose.

If after following an aggressive and scientifically based Alternative Medicine program of care for the lump on the palm of your hand do not respond, as can certainly happen, then Dupuytren hand surgery can still be used.  The DCI Alternative medicine approach to treating this problem is a safe and reasonable way to use the time that the average MD would suggest that you do nothing to help yourself.

The person with a cold takes vitamin C to increase the function of his immune response, and expects to shorten the time he is ill.  The person who has a broken bone takes a calcium supplement to speed up bone healing.  The person who is anemic takes some extra iron.  The body builder who wants to build up some additional muscle tissue knows to take extra protein. The DCI tactic of aggressively using nutrition information about soft tissue healing in a Dupuytren contracture treatment plan is not much different.

The normal and full use of your hand or hands can be taken from you as Dupuytren contracture progresses.  Do all that you can, as early as you can, to allow your body the best opportunity to naturally reverse this problem.

For ideas and suggestions to organize an effective Alternative Medicine treatment plan, click Dupuytren Treatment Plan.

Natural Dupuytren Treatment: Average Time to See Results

Dupuytren contracture difficult to predict in many ways

There are no dependable averages with Dupuytren contracture.  Everything about Dupuytren hand contracture is variable, from speed of progression to how a person might develop the problem.  And certainly, there is no average time within which a person responds to Dupuytren treatment using Alternative Medicine.  Some people show early signs of improvement in a few short weeks, others take months, and some not at all.

There are those who write me an email at DCI to say they did not respond to Dupuytren treatment.  After questioning them, I usually find they made the mistake of either using a very limited plan or not faithfully following the plan they put together.  Dupuy can be a difficult problem to treat and it is necessary to be completely dedicated to eliminating the problem – partial or occasional efforts do not earn good results.

The Dupuytren treatment concept we propose is actually not very strange or extreme.  All we propose is to do is to determine what natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbal products, as well as exercises and things of that nature, you can use to promote and encourage your body to heal the Dupuytren hand and finger contracture you have.

Dupuytren contracture should heal like any other health problem

The Dupuytren treatment approach promoted by DCI is to do all that is possible to prepare the body to heal on its own, in as many small and large ways as can, to the best of its ability.  It is really not such a crazy or extreme idea since cancers are known to self-cure and serious infections and diseases self-cure, why not Dupuytren contracture?  DCI advocates that an aggressive use of multiple conservative Alternative Medicine therapies, as outlined in our website, can possibly assist the body to heal the contracted palm lumps.

Since 2002 it is my experience that those people who use the largest and most aggressive therapy plan will usually get the best results.  For those interested in following an aggressive therapy plan to promote the best opportunity for healing and repair, the “Large (Best) Plan” is intended for maximum personal treatment.   The Medium (Better) Plan is the most popular of the three plans offered by DCI. There is also a Small (Good) Plan that is well designed. Any of these plans can be modified in any way you wish.  For example, it is common for people to substitute Neprinol in place of Nattokinase and Serrapeptase that are found in any of the plans.

Dupuytren contracture treatment to be effective must be followed aggressively and faithfully because DC is a stubborn problem that defies successful treatment.  Be prepared to spend time and effort to build up the strength of the immune response if you wish to earn any level of correction.  It can be done; I talk to people everyday who are doing it.

I would be pleased to answer any specific questions you have about Alternative Medicine treatment of the hand lump and finger contractures that plague you. Simply send your question at the end of this blog post.

I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of cases of DC, some mild and some severe, some just a few months and a few more than 10 years old.  Because of this I know that success against Dupuytren treatment success seems not to be determined by how bad the problem is at the start of care or how soon you start treatment; success seems to be primarily determined by intensity of effort.

You do not have to feel like a victim if you are working to improve your health and immune response against the presence of this foreign tissue.

The DCI website offers ideas and information about natural healing of Dupuytren you will not find elsewhere.  For help and ideas that you are not now getting, please send an email to