How should I change my Dupuytren’s contracture treatment plan for best results?

I have been applying the recommended Dupuytrens therapy for about four months with increases to try to get to the maximum.  Currently I am taking both E vitamins internally and vitamin E, copper and DMSO externally.  I started with Neprinol a few weeks ago and currently take 2 querecitin/bromelain, 4 Neprinol, fundamental sulfur and PABA twice a day. After the DMSO treatment I stretch and massage my fingers and the palm of my hand that has some blister-like areas over the palm where I think I should be massaging but it concerns me that I may be increasing the blisters by so doing.  I hope I am proceeding correctly with the massage. I have not seen any appreciable improvement except that before the DMSO and massage I get a reading of 122 and then it has gone to 126 – 128 after the stretch and massage however it reverts to 122 by the next treatment time. I have been getting good reduction of an external scar from a previous surgery on my other hand by an aggressive stretching and massage as well as scraping (as though it was a callous) after the DMSO treatment. I am not sure if the internal and external therapies are working as they should although I think I am using a pretty aggressive plan. Hopefully I am on track.


Greetings DLB,

Yes, you are on the right track for your Dupuytren’s contracture treatment but I think you need to be more proactive with your plan. 

You are using your assumption for what an aggressive plan might look like, and you are counting pills to tell yourself that you are following an aggressive plan, to tell yourself that your plan is active and aggressive when in fact it is not.   Based on my experience with plans that have been developed over time that are getting results, I see that they are larger and more aggressive than what you are taking currently. 

If you have followed this plan for four months with increases as you say, then you have either started at an extremely low dosage, or you have increased your therapy intake very slowly with many weeks or even months between increases, or you have increased at a very low level of intake per increase.  Perhaps all of these are true, since you did not give information how you came to be taking this current dosage level.  This lack of information of how you have been working these increases puts me at a disadvantage to guide you to make increases going forward. 

I do not know what you mean by a blister on your palm.  When you mention blister in your email I would have to assume you know what a blister looks like and what to do about that.  If you mean a nodule or lump of denser than normal tissue that is consistent with Dupuytren’s contracture, then I can comment about that type of finding.

There is early indication of progress in that the increased temporary movement from 122 to 126/128 is not small.  A lot of people would like to have that change happen in the early part of their treatment course.   Over time, and with appropriate increase of your intake you should see these numbers increase as well as notice reduction of size, shape, density and adhesion of the nodules and cords.

Overall, your plan is rather modest in spite of it being applied for the last four months.  It seems you are being very conservative and slow in your response to the results that you are earning. I suggest that you consider increasing the Neprinol intake to 9/day, following the directions that are given to you with each order.  I cannot describe that long detailed procedure to work up to 9/day in this email response.  All you need to do is to read and follow the directions you already have that explain how to increase therapy levels safely and effectively.  I also suggest that you contact me about a phone discussion so I can get down to some of the details of how you should be stretching your contacted palm tissue.  I suspect you might be going about this incorrectly, and if so this might be an additional factor in your slow response.    TRH

What is the correct way to take Scar-X, enzymes and use DMSO for my Dupuytrens?

For 5 or 10 minutes before and after applying scar x I do not have food or drink and have had nothing to eat for 2 hours but after waiting for 5 or 10 minutes I need to take some liquid to swallow the enzymes (Neprinol, Nattokinase and Fibrozym). In most situations drinking black coffee or tea is still considered OK for an empty stomach, but are they OK to use as a way to take enzymes? Also it seems that I need to apply the DMSO and E in the palm of my hand not just on the contracted finger and massage both areas.  Is that the correct procedure?



When you ask about “applying” Scar-X it sounds like you are applying it to the skin, and not placing it under the tongue to be absorbed.  The correct way to take Scar-X is by placing approximately 10 drops under the tongue and leaving it there for about 30 seconds.   All of this is explained in the instructions that come with your order of Scar-X.  If you are not using the Scar-X in this way, please read again the instructions that you were given with your order. 

Yes, you can use black coffee or tea to help you swallow any of the therapies that must be swallowed, since these two liquids represent no food value to the body.

The DMSO you are using should be applied directly over all abnormal fibrous tissue, not only in the finger but also on the palm of the hand.  When you say that you massage the DMSO and vitamin E into the area where you are applying it, you are not doing it correctly.  Again, all of this is explained in the instructions that come with your order of DMSO.  All you have to do is to quickly apply a thin layer of vitamin E and then DMSO, using anywhere from 1-3 drops of each, by running the tip of your finger over the area of contracted tissue.   Massaging is not only unnecessary, but it can reduce the amount DMSO and vitamin E that is available to the area of involvement because the prolonged contact of the tip of your finger will cause the DMSO and vitamin E to go into the tip of your finger where it is not needed.  Please read again the instructions  for DMSO that you were given with your order.  TRH

Am I missing something in my Dupuytren treatment plan ?

I recently ordered your “medium” pack for dupuytrens, however I only received the DMSO and Vita E for use on my fingers. You say in instructions to use the “copper” first, then vit E, then the dmso. Am I missing something? also, it takes hours to absorb into the skin, and no, I do not taste a “garlic” taste in my mouth after applying. I am 62 and have had dupuytrens for about 10 years. I also play piano and it is causing havoc. no longer can reach octaves.

Bill Green


Greetings Bill,

No, you are not missing anything.  The medium plan does not include the Super CP Serum (copper peptide).  You received everything you ordered.

If you please read the instructions you were given you will see that you do not have to wait more than 7-8 minutes to wipe off the residue after applying the DMSO to your hand.   What is see on the surface of your skin is just the oily residue of the DMSO carrier and gel.  Please read the notes you were given.  

Please contact me if you have further questions.  TRH  

Would I benefit from DMSO or/and Unique E applied to my Dupuytrens hand?

I am 61 year old female with dupuytrens contracture x 10 years. My right hand more involved I had nodules injected about 5 years ago Dr Ketchem in Kansas city Mo so my palms are flat not lumpy and my last injection was in Left hand and seems to have arrested progression for time being. I have no contractures. I take acetyl L carnitine 2000mg once a day and have for sometime. At this point would I benefit from DMSO or/and Unique E. I also have planter fibroma left foot just diagnosed. I inherited this from my dear grandmama who lived to be 94. Thank you for your time. sincerely, Joan


Greetings Joan,

Sounds like you have your hands full, so to speak. 

Dupuytren’s contracture can be very responsive to an aggressive and diverse plan of treatment.  The more you do and the more aggressive you are in applying a plan, the better the results seem to be.  I would encourage you to consider adding the Dusa Sal DMSO and Unique E oil, and even the topical copper peptide (Super CP Serum) to your current plan.  TRH 




How many times a day should I use Dusa-Sal DMSO for treating Dupuytrens?

How many times a day should I use Dusa-Sal DMSO for treating Dupuytrens? I’ve had it for about 5 years and it’s still pretty mild.



Most people use Dusa-Sal DMSO two or three times a day, but it is used in conjunction with other therapies – not just the DMSO by itself.  All information and details about the correct use and application of all therapies are included when you order from DCI.   You will have all the information you need to know how to use DMSO correctly when you purchase it, or anything else you order.

Dupuytren’s contracture is a progressive hand condition.  This means that what you have is not a mild case of Dupuytrens, but a slow case.  It will eventually get to be as severe as others are; it will just take longer for you to get to that point.  For this reason I advise that even though your hand problem might not be severe or especially limiting to your daily activity right now, you should get busy to try to eliminate it while it is still small and manageable. It would be helpful for you to read information on the PDI website to learn how to assist your recovery.  TRH