Cost of Treatment for Dupuytren Contracture

Cost of Dupuytren treatment dependent on many variables   

It is not possible to provide clear and meaningful Dupuytren treatment cost information for any one type of procedure.  Costs differ so greatly in various parts of the U.S, and the world for that matter, although this is less true outside the U.S. where regulated socialized medicine is practiced.

Any reported cost of medical or surgical Dupuytren treatment would have to be speculative based on insurance plan deductibles, rate discounts negotiated between insurance company and doctor providing care, discounts for rapid cash payments of outstanding balances, etc.  In addition, there is not much published information about costs for various Dupuytren contracture treatments because doctors are very hesitant to advertise their fees for service since it is there professional standard that this would make them appear less professional, or at least cast suspicion about their financial motivation for offering this type of care.

Dupuytren treatment cost for hand surgery is also variable based on the specific technique used, the type of anesthesia required, the severity of the contracture, the number of hands and fingers involved and the need for physical therapy after surgery.  Lastly, even the response to treatment provided influences the cost of Dupuytren treatment since sometimes multiple needle aponeurotomy procedures must be done to a single finger to reduce strength and integrity of the cords involved.

Cost of treatment for Dupuytren contracture; surgical release, needle aponeurotomy, Xiaflex enzyme injections

As a cost reference point, here are price ranges to compare total cost of treatment for Dupuytren contracture for the basic medical procedures currently available, per hand involvement:

Open hand (release) surgery  $10,000-$16,000

Radiotherapy                            $6,000-$10,000 – one report on the internet of a $20,000 RT

Needle aponeurotomy             $700-1,000 per finger –one report of $3,000 cost at Mayo Clinic

Xiaflex injection                        $7,000-9,000 per finger

Because of the high costs for many forms of Dupuytren care in the U.S., a new industry has emerged which has been called medical tourism or vacation medical care.  In this scenario a patient from a high-cost country will travel to a lower-cost country to receive medical care.  While in that country the patient will often arrive days or weeks before the surgery to have a vacation there.  After the surgery is done and no complications or adverse reactions are evident the patient will return home.

Some host countries have a large and thriving medical tourism industry based on low cost lodging, food and recreation opportunities, and subsequently can also offer lower prices for what is reported to be the same or better surgical repair of Dupuytren contracture at lower fees, such as
In U.S. dollars

France                                   $   770
Poland                                   $1500
Romania                               $   455
Singapore                             $1600
Tunisia                                   $ 980

Cost of treatment for Dupuytren contracture using Alternative Medicine

While the ultimate Alternative Medicine cost to treat Dupuytren contracture is also dependent on the same variables as medical care, the cost for four months of non-drug and non-surgical care with a DCI based medium treatment plan would be $520.  Bear in mind that this form of treatment does not have any side effects, will not result in more contracted tissue, nerve damage or ruptured tendons, presents no possibility for infections, and does not require physical therapy rehabilitation.

Cost is not the only factor, but satisfaction after treatment based on safety and reduced complications.  These last issues are very important to also consider when assessing the cost of treatment for Dupuytren treatment.

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