DMSO Questions

I the dmso you sell a “pharmaceutical” grade or “industrial” grade?

How is the dmso applied and in what amount?


The DMSO is  of a pharmaceutical grade from the oldest medical DMSO source in the U.S., still operated by Stanley Jacobs, MD, who did the original research at the Washington State School of Medicine on the medical use of DMSO in the late 1950s.   Dr. Jacobs is in his 90s and still teaches and works in the laboratory at the medical school.  We use his Dusa Sal formula that he recommends for Dupuytren contracture.

The Dusa Sal DMSO is applied to the hand directly over the palm nodule and cord formations, usually just a few drops per application.   In additional to the Dusa Sal we recommend that you also use vitamin E oil and a copper peptide at the same time.    When you get Dusa Sal from DCI you will receive a detailed instructional sheet of information in your order so that you know exactly how to apply the DMSO and related therapies.    TRH