How will copper penetrate thick Dupuytren lump on my palm?

Hi doctor,

How will the copper in the Super CP Serum penetrate deep enough into the tough and thick tissue on my palm to break up the Dupuytrens contracture?


Greetings Jefferey,

First and foremost, I assume that you are talking to your doctor about using our copper peptide  for your Dupuytren contracture, and he/she is aware of and is a part of this treatment plan you are undergoing. If this is not true, then I will remind you to go to your doctor for help with this problem.  These suggestions and general information I offer for your consideration should be given final approval from your doctor.

By itself, the copper in Super CP Serum will not penetrate very far into the tissue.   That is why when you bought the Super CP Serum it was suggested to you that you should use it along with Dusa Sal DMSO to assist penetration of the copper peptides into your tissue.  Using Super CP Serum by itself will not do you much good; you must combine it with the special DMSO we offer and perhaps the Unique-E vitamin E oil be also provide for your use.    for more information about using DMSO please go to Dupuytren treatment with DMSO.

Please read again the information that was given to you that explains in great detail how to use the Super CP Serum you purchased from DCI and Online Natural Healthcare LLC.   It tells you everything you need to know.

The copper is intended to saturate the tissue, traveling deeper over time with extended use.  Very little copper (about 0.1%) actually gets into the skin, but all the human studies on intact skin, both with GHK-Cu and the newer SRCPs, found positive actions on skin within 2 to 7 days.  Apparently, even at this low saturation level, this small amount that gets into the tissue is enough to accomplish the desired results. Neutrogena has published very extensive studies in Cosmeceuticals volume 2 that confirm this principle. The DMSO will carry the copper-peptides deeper and more quickly than if it was not used. The tissue of the region should absorb the copper-peptides and incorporate it at the cellular level.  It is theorized that some of the copper is carried away from the area with the blood circulation, while the remainder should extend progressively deeper with use.  Depth of saturation has to do with several factors: amount applied, frequency of application, duration of application, and unique cellular physiology.

There is no way to easy way to answer your question or evaluate this process as a person is doing it, except by the extreme measure of taking a tissue sample at various stages of treatment . Usually progress is judged by evaluation of changes in pain (intensity and frequency), various qualities of the Dupuytren contracture, such as density or firmness, size, shape, thickness and adherence to the deeper palmar fascia.

Loren Pickart, PhD, a world authority on copper use for tissue health, maintains that if Super CD Serum has a beneficial effect on a case of Dupuytren contracture it will typically start to occur within the first few weeks.   Once that process gets started, it may still take additional weeks or months for it to be great enough to be detected.   Lastly, Dr. Pickart reports that his company has many hundreds of reports of regular surface scar tissue vanishing after using his products, with Super CP Serum being the newest of these.

It comes down to following your plan for a reasonable period of perhaps several months of Dupuytren treatment, and seeing what happens in your individual case.

I hope this answers your question.  If not, let me know.