What is the best therapy to treat Dupuytren contracture?

How should I treat my Dupuytrens disease?

“What is the most important product or vitamin I should use to treat the Dupuytren lump on my palm?”  I am asked that question frequently.

The correct response is that there is not any single therapy that is more important than the others; they are ALL important, especially when used together.  Each natural therapy product if taken by itself has limited ability to make a difference with the dense fibrous Dupuytren contracture tissue on the palm of the hand or fingers. However, when they are used together as we advocate at DCI, their combined effort we find is capable of generating a healing response. None when used separately will achieve the clinical results that compare to a broad-based synergistic approach to Dupuytren therapy using Alternative Medicine.

There is simply no way to predict which vitamin or mineral or enzyme therapy will do the most for you, if in fact any can make a difference to the contracted tissue when used alone.    There is no one product that can cause the contracted palmar fascia tissue to be reabsorbed by the body.

Treatment of Dupuytrens like playing baseball – you need all players

It is similar to determining something similar about a baseball team.  You cannot ask “What is the most important position on the team?” and expect a meaningful answer.  Certainly some would answer, “Oh that is easy.  The pitcher is the most important player.”  If that were true, you only have to imagine how much trouble a team would have if there was no short stop or catcher or first baseman, or center fielder on a team, or if you tried to play a game with nine pitchers on the field.  Each player is important in his own way and vital to the ultimate success of the team when they work together.  The same is true with treatment of Dupuytren contracture.

Please read and re-read sections of the DCI website that describe the treatment philosophy and the principle of synergy, found at Dupuytren Contracture Treatment Philosophy.    If you are having any concerns or indecisions about what you are doing while using Alternative Medicine to treat your hand lumps, you owe it to yourself to go over some of these points. Educate yourself well about this terrible problem and come to understand exactly why you are following this course of Alternative Medicine care.

There is a lot of good information for you on the DCI website.   If you haven’t already spent considerable time reading the background and principles that explain why this therapy works for so many people, now is a good time to review what started you thinking in this direction in the first place.  After you understand more about the philosophy that guides this process of eliminating the dense contracted hand tissue, it will be easier to successfully create and follow your own Dupuytren treatment program.

What is the Best Dupuytren’s Treatment?

No single therapy works best to reduce Dupuytren contracture

Every week, without fail, some poor soul who has received a diagnosis about his palm lump finally comes to the internet and eventually writes me asking, “What is the best way to treat Dupuytren contracture?”

A common question, and a good one, designed to get to the core of the matter.

Although I would be delighted to reply with the name of one particular therapy or one special way to treat Dupuytrens, I cannot do that.

After working on the Alternative Medicine solution to this problem since 2002, I have found the best way to treat Dupuytren contracture is to use everything you can throw against it.  You must deliver a wide assortment of concentrated nutritional therapies to support your immune response from a variety of directions so that your body can repair and eliminate the finger contractures and bump on the palm of the hand that reduce your hand dexterity.  It is that kind of problem.

Many have tried to find it, but eventually come to realize there is no one therapy that is a magic bullet against Dupuytren contracture.  There are no wonder cures, no nifty little tricks that will allow your finger to move freely and easily again. Dupuytren Contracture Institute has found the best treatment is the one that stimulates the tissue to heal and repair the area on the palm of the hand.  For each person this seems to be an individual assortment of different therapies.

Dupuytren treatment using Alternative Medicine is best to start

Each person must educate himself about the hand contracture problem, read about the different Alternative Medicine therapies and what they might do to assist that healing process, determine if there are any indictors that one or more might be indicated, and then consider the time, effort and cost involved.  Lastly, it is necessary to determine how important it is to you to regain the full use of your hand.   Based on all this, you should feel comfortable with a plan of action that might have to be followed for several months as you go about doing all you can to improve your body’s ability to heal and repair the hand contracture of Dupuytren.

Those who eventually get good results with their Dupuytren problem are the tough and determined people who just keep going after it day after day with as much therapy as they can manage to use, until they seem to overwhelm the dense fibrous tissue into submission and eventual elimination.  Slowly they gain on it, with the hand nodules becoming softer and smaller; slowly these areas of finger and hand contracture come around.  Some people get fantastic results and some get only moderate results – very few who work hard at it do poorly.  There usually is progress to be made if you work at it.

So, the question again is, “What is the best way to treat Dupuytren contracture?”      the answer appears to be for each person to do all that you can for as long as you can until your body overwhelms the Dupuytren nodules and lumps that cause the fingers to draw up to the palm.  To do less is to allow Dupuytren contracture to ruin your life.