Is Dupuytren’s Contracture in the arthritis family?

Dr. Herazy,

Is Dupuytren’s Contracture in the arthritis family? And, if it is, what vitamins should I be taking for the swelling and losing the use of my last two fingers.

Thank you.


No, Dupuytren contracture is not in the arthritis family.  By definition, an arthritis is an inflammation of a joint.  Joint inflammation and swelling are not the primary element of the problem of the excess collagen formation in the palm of the hand known as Dupuytren contracture.  While the joints of the finger might eventually become affected, it is a secondary complication.

Which vitamins to take is discussed at length on the DCI website.   You can begin your reading at Introduction to Natural Dupuytren Treatment.    The process of determining exactly which vitamins, minerals, enzymes or other external therapies to use is also discussed in that same section.   It is determined by monitoring the condition of the size, shape, density and adherence of the Dupuytren nodule to the deep fascia of the palm as you experiment with the therapies available on the DCI website.   TRH