Any suggestions for lady with a strong family association with Dupuytren contracture and Ledderhose disease?


family history of dupys, aunt, mom, and sister and myself, my sister has has several hand surgery’s, my mom has had frozen shoulder and recently her hands started swelling, me, both hands and ledderhose disease.   i am a flight attendant and it is greatly affected my work.  i can’t work much to to the pain.  i have plantar fascitis.  my hands and feet ache and throb now, and my moms hands are swelling.  we all have garrods pads as well.  i am concerned with the ledderhose disease.  the lump on my left foot gets larger when i work and is very painful, i have to take pain meds.  at the end of a flight i am miserable.  i am looking for any suggestions.  ancestry is from england and we all have blue eyes, go figure.


Yes, it must be wonderful to have Vikings on the family tree.

I suggest you go to the DCI website and get busy by reading a few things to educate yourself about self-care of Dupuytren contracture (which often also has a beneficial effect on the Ledderhose disease of the feet).   You might read Start Dupuytren treatment to better understand the process and a few of the links you encounter along the way.



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