Should I have radiotherapy (RT) for my Dupuytrens?

Hello Dr. Herazy:

I recently developed Dupuytren in my dominant hand (left) after falling off my horse after a jump in June or July, 2011.  In November, 2011, my orthopedic Dr. said the strange lumps were Dupuytren’s contracture. I am 58, 1/6 Irish and 1/2 Hungarian – apparently they are the culprits. Now my 80 year old Hungarian mother tells me she has had lumps in both hands for years, which I never knew. Her fingers are OK as far as I know.

Question: I just received the full (Best) plan items. I will use them faithfully. But should I do radiation or radiotherapy which is suppose to stop the progression of the disease 95% of the time if done early in the course of the disease?

Thanks and God Bless,

A. W. – Florida


Greetings A.W.,

You need to read my discussion, Dupuytrens Radiotherapy, to give you some background on this subject.  I cannot tell you what to do in regard to your long term treatment options; that is a decision you will have to make when you have enough information.   I can tell you that many people who failed to develop positive results from Dupuytren radiotherapy got great improvement from the large DCI plan.   TRH

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