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No-return policy

Natural Health Education LLC, doing business as Dupuytren’s Contracture Institute,  has a no-return policy for three reasons:

1.   For the safety and protection of everyone who does business with us, no product that has left our control will be accepted for return.  When you purchase anything from Natural Health Education LLC and DCI you know it has never been sold to, or touched by, anyone else who could tamper with it.  Since DCI and Natural Health Education LLC do not accept returned products, the buyer need not worry about safety issues related to product contamination from an outside source.

2.  Throughout the entire DCI site this point is emphasized over and over, “Dupuytren’s contracture in all its forms and varieties is a very difficult problem to treat; if improvement occurs it will only be with persistent and prolonged treatment.”  With this understanding, there can be no return of the therapy products by the buyer because several – many – bottles of many different therapies must be utilized if a person is to hope to achieve improvement with PD treatment. And any good plan must be followed for months at a time for it to be successful. If a person just wants to try a few days of PD treatment, or just a portion of a bottle of a supplement, to see what might happen we suggest they not even start therapy. Better to just suffer in silence than to briefly dabble at Alternative Medicine therapy. Only people who are committed to their PD therapy plan, and intend on extended and aggressive treatment should begin care.

3.  Throughout this website we advise people to only start their natural Dupuytren treatment plan after they have been given a firm medical diagnosis of Dupuytren’s contracture and they have consulted with their doctor about the appropriateness of using this form of Alternative Medicine for their problem.  For this reason Natural Health Education LLC and DCI sell products and offer information believing the buyer is compliant and truthful in regard to all products and information are being used by the buyer with consent, knowledge of and direction from the buyer’s treating physician.

Therefore, we offer neither guarantee of results nor accept return of products that have left our direct control.

Of course, if a particular DC therapy product is found to be actually defective, our strict non-return policy does not apply.   Depending on circumstances DCI may elect at its sole discretion to exchange the defective item or repair any item purchased. If some circumstance arises in which a shipment is returned unopened, undamaged in good resalable condition to DCI and Natural Health Education LLC  by the post office for some reason, a refund will be made to the buyer minus two fees:

1. Shipping costs paid by DCI and Natural Health Education LLC  to send that parcel to the customer, and

2. An additional 10% restocking fee.

To discuss questions related to a defective product please call 847-670-8800 Monday through Friday between 8AM to 4PM to discuss replacement procedures, or send an email to , or write a letter to Natural Health Education LLC, 309 East Rand Road, Suite 222, Arlington Heights, IL 60004.

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