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  1. Barbara Simmons says:

    I am 76 female and have been diagnosed with a dupuytren contracture. Not sure if I want to do a plan or not but will do more research to make my decision. I also have a ganglion cyst that I’ve had for several years. it may be common to have both if you also have arthritis, which I do.

  2. Dr. Herazy says:

    Greetings Barbara,

    A ganglion cyst would most commonly occur a result of trauma or overwork. Dupuytren’s contracture is most commonly thought to be due to genetic and faulty metabolic reasons. However, in my experience, certain occupations and activities predispose to development of DC in which a ganglion could easily develop.

    DCI has been helping people heal their Dupuytren’s contracture for over 20 years. We receive reports from 8-10 people telling us of moderate to marked reduction of their DC palm nodules and finger cords while using the DCI large plan, for every one report of failure. DC

    Good luck in your search. You are wise to try to avoid Dupuytren’s contracture hand surgery. Xiaflex is just another form of surgery, except the surgery is done with a needle; tissue is removed by dissolution via the enzymes. Side effects, reactions and poor results can be devastating in either case. When a Dupuytren’s contracture surgery goes bad, it can be devastating. Do your best to heal the DC naturally if you can. Let me know if I can help you in any way. TRH

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