Scar Free – Homeopathy to reduce fibrous tissue


Scar Free

This is a special homeopathic formulation that is ideal for treatment of  Dupuytren’s contracture with palm nodule and finger cord development, and the reduced finger movement that results, or for those people who are trying to prevent these problems from occurring.

Easy to take because it is simply sprayed under the tongue, making it very popular.   At just three sprays per dose delivered directly under the tongue, this two ounce bottle lasts a long time making it very economical.  We get a lot of good reports on what it can do for DC.   An excellent way to add a different form of therapy into your plan.  There is nothing else like Scar Free on the market, anywhere.

We suggest adding at least one form of a liquid homeopathic product (“Scars-Adhesions” is the other homeopathic product DCI has available), to any therapy plan.   Scar Free adds a completely different form of treatment that is both easy to take and effective, while not adding to the total number of pills and capsules that are taken daily.

Indications for use:  Temporarily assists in the prevention and reduction of scar tissue, tendencies toward scarring, adhesions after operations, injuries or infections. All of this points to the ability of Scar Free to reduce fibrous tissue build-up that is at the heart of Dupuytren’s contracture.

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