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Dupuytren treatment with Genesen Acutouch therapy pens

The new Genesen Acutouch Model M5.2, is a professional grade non-needle acupuncture instrument.  TWICE AS STRONG as the most recent version before it.  This is the same Genesen Acutouch Therapy instrument that is used in hospitals, acupuncture clinics and offices around the world – and it can easily be use by the layperson to achieve remarkable Dupuytren contracture treatment results.

The great advantage of the simplicity and versatility of this instrument is that it can be easily used by the layperson to treat Dupuytren’s contracture by providing daily therapy sessions in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

21st century Genesen Acutouch technology allows a layperson – following the detailed step-by-step instructions and drawings provided by Master Acupuncturist, Theodore Herazy, DC, LAc, Dipl Ac – to perform a high level Dupuytren acupuncture treatment using an ancient Oriental acupuncture protocol known as “Circle the Dragon.”   Within 30 minutes reading these simple instructions you will be doing some pretty interesting and effective Dupuytren therapy on the level of what you would receive in an acupuncturist’s office.  Dr. Herazy’s full detailed instructions and drawings will guide you through the simple steps of this classic technique.  You will be using the same procedure that has been used over the last 4,000 years by acupuncture masters to bring “chi” energy to an area of the body to promote healing.

Increase your Dupuytren treatment results by treating yourself daily, at any time of the day or night that is most convenient for you – try doing that at an acupuncturist’s office!

There are two simple reasons why this instrument is so effective and ideally suited for at-home use by the layperson:

  1. The Genesen Acutouch pen devices actually let you know when you are touching an area that should be treated.  After you place each pen tip lightly on the skin surface you will notice a variable and mild “energy reaction’ on the surface of your skin that some describe as a tingling sensation where the pen tips touch the skin. Other times a person can feel warmth, or a buzzing sensation, or the feeling of water dripping on the skin, or like ants are crawling on the skin.
  2. The Acutouch Pointers produce an energy field at each pen tip is so large that it is difficult to make a mistake – the effective treatment diameter of the Acutouch Pointer tip is a very generous 50 mm (2 inches). This means you do not have to be absolutely accurate in locating the treatment point, and you will in any event be often guided to the exact point by your body’s reaction to the energy of the Acutouch device. This wide area of effect and reaction is in sharp contrast to the level of accuracy required with a convention needle acupuncture treatment in which the needle must be within 1 mm of the actual treatment point for an effective response to occur.This large 2 inch circle of treatment effectiveness of the Acutouch instrument is what makes this such a perfect tool for the layperson for at-home self treatment.  Because it is not necessary to be exactly on a treatment point with this instrument, you only need to be fairly close to the exact acupuncture point for it to be stimulated effectively. To say it another way, the Acutouch instrument is well suited for at-home care by a layperson because it is so powerful and forgiving. This is why DCI can present this technique for your consideration. It would be impossible to propose this kind of acupuncture treatment with any other equipment.

Best price for professional grade Genesen Acutouch instrument

Before my retirement in 2011 after 42 years of active practice, the Genesen Acutouch instrument was my preferred method of treatment for every patient.  This high precision equipment is being used in acupuncture offices throughout the world, and now you can take advantage of the same professional level equipment also. In fact, about half of the sales that we make are directly to acupuncturists who have heard about the pens and get them from DCI and Natural Health Education LLC because of our low prices.

I have been told that we are the largest North American seller of the Genesen devices; for this reason we can offer the best prices for this equipment you will find on the internet. Price: $645.00

Genesen pens for treatment of Dupuytren’s contracture

The inclusion of non-needle acupuncture point stimulation with a set of model M5.2 Genesen pens into a Dupuytren treatment plan often marks the turn-around for many people.  Many times I have seen people use a good size plan and not receive all the treatment results they had hoped for.   Then, after adding the Genesen pens into that same treatment program, the results started to develop.

If you decide to do the most you can to recover from Dupuytren’s contracture by including Genesen pens in your plan of care, you will be using an exciting and effective therapy that is unlike anything else.  This unique form of non-needle therapy broadens the types of Dupuytren treatment you are providing to yourself so that you increase treatment synergy.

Time and persistence with the Acutouch pens seems to have make a huge difference with many men.

Advantages of the new Genesen Acutouch pens

The Genesen Acutouch pens are my favorite form of Oriental medicine treatment because they take the great benefits of traditional acupuncture therapy and eliminate the needle to use needles, while speeding up treatment time.

While the purchase price of the Genesen Acutouch Therapy instrument might seem high at $650.00, it is low compared to the cost of receiving acupuncture treatment in an office.  There is a huge cost benefit from owning a Genesen pen set when you realize that the average acupuncture treatment in this country is around $100.00.  This means that by using the Genesen pens only five times, and not having to go to the acupuncturist for that same number of office visits, you have saved $500.00 and a lot of time, and you still own the Genesen pens to use for the rest of your life.   The potential for savings for many thousands of dollars when you own this precision acutherapy instrument!

The manufacturer of the Genesen Acutouch device includes a 260 page book that was written by a friend of mine who is an American, so the English is excellent and super-easy to understand.  The Genesen book is written for the layperson who is given simple to follow instructions for treating over a 100 different health problems (headaches, low back pain, menstrual cramps, hay fever, knee and shoulder pain, ear noise, nervous tension, etc.) so you will be able to get a lot of use from them.  For this reason the pens make a good investment in your health, and the well-being of others in your family you can also treat.

When you purchase your set of Genesen Acutouch pens from DCI and Online Natural HealthCare LLC you will also receive a complete set of notes and drawings that explain the simple steps used to perform the “Circle the Dragon” technique on your hand.

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