Dupuytren Hand Contracture Caliper – Measure hand contracture progress


Dupuytren Hand Contracture Caliper

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The Dupuytren Hand Contracture Caliper was invented by Dr. Herazy.  It is an essential tool to guide your self-directed Dupuytren contracture treatment toward a successful recovery.

The DCI caliper with built-in measurement dial will help you to easily and accurately measure the limitation of finger and hand movement caused by Dupuytren’s contracture.

Every hand surgeon uses two classic measurements to evaluate a case of Dupuytren disease, and now you can too. With this lightweight and easy to use instrument you no longer have to guess about making progress when your hand won’t open; you will be able to specifically measure two critical aspects of your finger contraction:

  1. Exact distance each contracted finger is flexed toward the lump on the palm
  2. Exact distance your bent fingers keep the palm from flattening against a tabletop

If you do not know the functional state of your hand at the start of care you will never know exactly how much improvement you have made or if you have made any at all, and you will be forced to guess if your treatment plan is actually effective.

It is absolutely essential to know when your contracted fingers make even the smallest improvement during your Dupuytren treatment.  With this information your therapy dosage and product selection is guided by tissue response; without this information your treatment results and recovery will suffer.

You cannot possibly detect the early changes in your Dupuytren problem when they are as small as the caliper can detect. But once you know for a fact you are:

  1. Making progress – you will know not to change anything in your treatment plan
  2. Not making progress – you will know you must change your treatment plan

In this way the Dupuytren Hand Contracture Caliper takes the guess work out of treating your hand contracture.  The caliper puts information in your hand that tells you if and when to alter your plan.

For full instructions about using the Dupuytren Hand Contracture Caliper, go to  Use Dupuytren Hand Contracture Caliper to measure bent fingers.

Get better Dupuytren treatment results by knowing when and how to change your therapy medication.


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