Dupuytren Contracture – Large (Best) Treatment Plan


DCI Large Treatment Plan

The DCI large plan is our most complete and well-balanced approach to natural Dupuytren’s contracture treatment; the one that gets fastest results because it is most widely diversified. It is ideal for those people with a more severe case of DC, those who already have had hand surgery, or those who have not responded to prior medical treatment. The large plan is intended for those who have had Dupuytren’s contracture for longer than 24 months, or are older than 60 years of age. It is also suggested to be used by anyone who has DC of any level of severity who has simply decided to use the maximum support to rid the hands of the Dupuytren’s nodules and cords.


The large DCI plan includes the following TEN products:  Unique-E vitamin E capsules; Dusa-Sal DMSO Gel; topical Unique-E oil; Fundamental Sulfur; Acetyl-L-carnitine; Quercetin-Bromelain; PABA;  Inflamazyme; ScarStat homeopathy drops and the 3 MHz Ultrsound therapy machine, model HS3040 that is the best unit for this purpose.

Neprinol is not part of this plan because DCI has determined it is best to start with the slightly less concentrated enzyme products, Inflamazyme, and add Neprinol after a month or so after the start of treatment.  Neprinol can always be added later to your plan if you choose to do so, after your system is accustomed to the effects of using a systemic enzyme product.

HOW LONG will the large Dupuytren’s contracture treatment plan last?

Each person approaches his Dupuytren’s contracture plan a little differently, not only in regard to size and variety of members of his treatment plan, but especially in terms of daily dosage.

Some people use an average vitamin E dose but they will use a heavy acetyl-L-carnitine dose, while others do the opposite with a heavy vitamin E dose and an average acetyl-L-carnitine C dose. Because of this, each bottle and each therapy plan will last for a variable length of time. In other words, not all people who use a large plan take their therapies in the same way or at the same rate. So, how long individual bottles of any therapy plan will last is a personal and variable issue for which I can only give you approximations based on what I see others doing.

This comes closest to tell you how long a particular group of therapies will last you in your effort to recover: Based on experience with others who use a large plan, the average person re-supplies the Unique-E, acetyl-L-carnitine, PABA, ScarStat and Fundamental Sulfur about every 4-6 weeks.  The Dusa Sal DMSO and topical Unique-E oil are re-ordered on average every 2-3 months.


The suggested retail price for these 10 items is $451.50.  Here with NHE LLC, you would usually pay $415.20 for these items separately, but order all 10 items in the large plan bundle to save an additional 10% from our already low prices – and you pay just $373.68 !!

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST EACH MONTH to treat my Dupuytren’s contracture with the small plan?

The average person will spend about $95-120 monthly to replenish the large plan, after the initial purchase which will be the greatest one-time expense.

Your cost per month to continue using your large plan will depend on how aggressively and faithfully you treat yourself for your Dupuytrens, if you are treating one or two hands, and how many nodules and cords you have to treat.

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