DMSO – DusaSal – for Dupuytren’s Contracture


For Dupuytren’s Contracture.  DMSO has long been known for its own unique therapeutic ability to soften dense scar tissue.

Dusa Sal DMSO is the special gel formula of DMSO created personally by Stanley Jacob, MD, for specifically treating Dupuytren’s contracture, and is still manufactured in his own laboratory.  This is the logical choice for all DC plans.  It is said that DMSO makes all other therapies work better.

A full four-ounce bottle of DusaSal will last the average user about 2-3 months, since a typical treatment application is 1-3 drops — making this a very economical therapy.  A little goes a long way.

Since the lumps on the palm of the hand are so superficial in Dupuytren’s contracture it seems that using DusaSal DMSO as a direct topical treatment is a logical choice.  When coupled with some good internal systemic therapies (vitamin E, Neprinol, PABA or Quercetin-Bromelain) this is the foundation of a good treatment plan for DC.

Using DusaSal DMSO by itself is a good therapy; it has good penetration and a direct effect on tissue to reduce fibrous infiltration.  Most people will add either Super CP (Copper) Serum or Vitamin E Oil – or both – to their therapy plan when using DusaSal DMSO, with the idea that if they are already using it, they might as well take advantage of the penetrating ability of DusaSal DMSO and add in the other benefits of cooper and vitamin E at the same time.

It might be a good idea for each person who is using DMSO to try both DMSO products – DusaSal and our PMD formula – to determine which might give greater therapeutic benefit.   Both are prepared as a gel for easy, neat and controlled application.

When you receive your order of DMSO you will receive complete instructions for its correct use.


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