How do I prevent my Dupuytrens from coming back?

I would like to thank you so much for the Non-Drug Non-Surgical Care for Hand Contracture. I had it real bad on my left hand, and the lumps have gone down 75%. I also have them on my right hand but they have not done as well.

My question is, how do you prevent them from coming back? I am also concerned that the right hand is not doing as well. I have total control of my hands. The disease has not affected my movement.

Again, words cannot express how grateful I am to have found your website and the advice on it.

Cheryl Diamond


Greetings Cheryl,

Thank you for the positive report.  I get several emails and reports like yours every week.  It really makes me feel great to know that the work of DCI is making such a big difference in people’s lives.  What you did not say in your question is that you have actually been on the DCI treatment plan for a very short time and have only ordered once from DCI.  This is a great amount of recovery considering how little time has past. 

Be patient with your right hand; it should come around in time.   Most of the time I see that the two hands do not recover at the same rate.   Even if it took you a few months to get the full use of your hands back, you are still doing a great job of recovery. 

I have worked with people who have Dupuytrens through DCI for almost 10 years now.  In that time no one has come back to me and reported that their Dupuytren problem returned.  Notice, I am not saying that the problem never recurs after the DCI treatment is used.  I am saying that no one has told me that it has happened – even though feel rather certain that if it did I would be the first to hear about it. 

Once you are as fully recovered as possible, i suggest going on a reduced plan for about 9-12 months to give your tissue full opportunity to heal and support to prevent recurrence.  TRH



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