To prevent Dupuytrens recurrence is it necessary to continue my DCI treatment indefinitely?

Assuming that my DC condition improves significantly with the use of your recommended products, will it be necessary to continue the treatment indefinitely to prevent Dupuytrens recurrence?


No.  Once you have improved your hand to the best of your ability – partial or complete recovery – you will not need to continue treatment at all.   I have done this work with Dupuytren’s contracture since 2002.  In that time I have not had one person come back later to tell me that their finger contracture, hand nodules or cords have returned. 

It seems that after using the DCI method of treatment for Dupuytrens contracture that once the problem is gone it tends to not return.  This is remarkable  because Dupuytrens recurrence after hand surgery is a terrible problem.  Many people report to me that after Dupuytren’s surgery not only does their hand contracture returns in a few years, sometimes within just one year.  Not only that, but the recurrence is often worse than the original problem in terms of number of fingers involved and the degree of finger contracture.  

I notice that some people continue all or part of their treatment for a few months to assure that it does not return, and after a few months they slow down their intake.  Some people continue to take a few items from their treatment plans for their general health, simply because they like the way that they feel and respond to the different therapy items.

Regardless, based on past experience it is not absolutely necessary to continue using your various treatment items since it is fair to say that Dupuytrens recurrence is not a problem after eliminating the problem with Alternative Medicine methods as described in the DCI website.

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Please let me know how your treatment is proceeding and how I can assist you in your effort to complete recovery.  TRH

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