What can I do for the pain after Dupuytren surgery and cannot work?




How long ago was your surgery?  Is this your 1st surgery, 2nd or 3rd?  Why are you not able to work?  Is it because of pain, limited finger movement, numbness?

What is the current condition of your hand contracture?    Many people have hand surgery only to find that it does very little to improve their problem and often makes matters worse.  Is that what happened to you? 

I will have a better idea how to reply to you once I understand more about what is happening with you.   TRH

6 thoughts on “What can I do for the pain after Dupuytren surgery and cannot work?

  1. ken skelton says:

    it has been almost 7 weeks since I had surgery for dupuytrens contracture and I still have almost constant throbbing pain in my hand. I have a lot of scar tissue and that seems to be the cause and also I still have swelling of all my fingers. will these things eventually go away or am I going have this problem for well into the future?

  2. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Ken,

    Sorry to hear of your continuing problem with Dupuytren’s contracture after your hand surgery. After almost two months post-surgery I believe your description indicates a problem. Have you spoken to the surgeon who did your DC surgery? If not, please do so. If you have and you have not received satisfaction, I suggest getting a second opinion from someone about your Dupuytren’s contracture as far outside your immediate area as you can, and that you do it as soon as possible. TRH

  3. Judy says:

    I am going on 10 months and still have a lot of stiffness and tinkling in my small finger after Dupuytren’s contracture surgery. Will my hand improve or is this permanent?

    Thank you

  4. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Judy,

    I hope you have already talked to the doctor who did your Dupuytren’s contracture surgery to ask him this question. If not, please do so.

    Some hand surgeries take a long time for all the numbness and tingling to stop; damage done to delicate nerve tissue during surgery does not heal quickly. Otherwise, it also happens that numbness and tingling can be permanent. I hope the doctor who is taking care of your Dupuytren’s contracture explained all of this before you had the hand surgery. TRH

  5. Cedre says:

    My younger brother is going to have surgery for Dupuytrens Contracture I am sure it is genetic. My questions is do alcohol and smoking factor into healing?

  6. Dr. Herazy says:

    Greetings Cedre,

    Yes, alcohol and smoking have an affect on the ability of the body to heal not only hand surgery, but also the actual healing of the Dupuytren’s contracture itself. An undetermined percent of cases of Dupuytren’s contracture will simply self-heal.

    Many people have Dupuytren’s contracture that starts, only to eventually disappear as the body heals and eliminates the palm nodule. This is the basis for the concept that Alt Med can be used to help people eliminate their DC. This is why we receive 8-10 reports of success and positive results from our followers who follow our directions to aggressively use Alt Med, for every one report of failure or lack of positive results.

    It is logical to think that the longer and more alcohol and nicotine consumption involved, the more adverse would be the impact. The body works best when it is not burdened with toxic chemicals. TRH

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