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NEPRINOL® AFD has it all – serrapeptase, nattokinase, bromelain, papain, and co-enzyme Q – in a convenient highly concentrated all vegetarian enzyme blend capsule.  It is by far the most popular of the enzyme products we suggest for Dupuytren contracture treatment.

Most, if not all, of the information you will need to use Neprinol to reduce or eliminate the fibrous Dupuytren lump, nodule and cord can be found at the Dupuytren Contracture Institute website. Please visit our website for additional information not only about Neprinol but diverse and synergistic group of valuable Dupuytren’s therapies.

In extensive product testing and research since 2002 it has been shown time and again that not all enzyme products are equally effective.   NEPRINOL is one of the best enzyme products DCI has found based on high potency of diverse enzymes that attack the fibrin found in the contracted palm and finger tissue.  Another factor to consider is the high quality that it can be relied upon from a well-respected company like Arthur Andrews Medical, a leader in pharmaceutical grade enzyme products.

Other enzyme products contain Serrapeptase and Nattokinase, individually, but only a few manufacturers use them in combination, and none in the concentration of Neprinol.   The major difference is that the concentration of Serrapeptase and Nattokinase in Neprinol is higher than if you took those same enzymes in the individual tablets.  Also, Neprinol comes in a bottle of 300, as opposed to a bottle of 100 of the other individual products.  Because of the larger bottle size and higher concentration, Neprinol although at a higher price per bottle is a “better deal” in the long run.

You might have noticed that Neprinol is not included in any of the three standard DCI therapy plans.  The decision to omit Neprinol form these entry level plans was based not only on the practical consideration of intentionally not starting treatment with a potent enzyme product like Neprinol, but also for economic reasons.   Since Neprinol comes in such a large bottle (300 capsules, compared to 100 capsules of Nattokinase or Fibrozym) and the fact that Neprinol has 6-8 times more concentrated “functional units” of enzymes, it costs more initially but is a better “deal” in the long run.   If it were to be included in the standard Dupuytren contracture treatment plans, it would probably discourage many men from starting treatment because of its higher price.  For these reasons the smaller and less concentrated Inflamazyme is included in the small, medium and large Dupuytren’s treatment plans.

Neprinol is not a solo therapy for Dupuytren contracture

PLEASE remember that in all cases where good recovery has occurred while using Neprinol it has been used in heavy combination with a broad range of other therapy products (vitamin E, DMSO, Scar-X, PABA, etc.).  I have never communicated with anyone who has used Neprinol by itself – as a solo therapy – and noticed a favorable response.  This confirms that even with an enzyme product as potent as Neprinol, it is still necessary to combine therapies for maximum benefit.

While Neprinol is a great systemic enzyme, the people I counsel about their Dupuytren problem who get the best results use more than just Neprinol.  Those who report the best results with their DC are those who follow the larger and more aggressive multiple treatment plans.  It is most important to approach your problem from as many different directions at the same time as possible.  You must read over a good part of the DCI website to understand about the total Alternative Medicine approach to promoting your ability to heal and repair your PD.

Neprinol dosage

Concerning Neprinol dosage, most men and women start at 6/day, others at 9/day.  A few will eventually go up into the 10-14/day range after several months.  Dosage of any therapy product, like Neprinol,  comes down not only to what the gut can tolerate, but also to finances.  Finally, motivation and just how badly you want to get your life back to normal also comes into the decision of dosage.

At higher dosages I always recommend two things: 1. Monitoring very closely all basic physiologic functions and being careful of reactions.   By reaction is meant irritation of the gut lining that results in diarrhea.  This is the only side-effect of Neprinol I am aware of, since no other symptom than diarrhea has ever been reported after working with it since 2002.   2.  Periodic rest from the treatment protocol; perhaps 2-3 days off all systemic enzymes per month, maybe even every three weeks.  This is a good insurance against toxicity problems.  By toxicity problems is meant the circumstance in which Neprinol will mobilize out of tissue various metabolic and environmental toxins that were previously trapped.  This is a good thing, actually, but this too can cause a diarrhea response.  Ultimately dosage is up to you, since this is somewhat uncharted territory.  Do not take more Neprinol at a time than will cause any uncomfortable reaction.

Dupuytren’s treatment with Neprinol

The biggest advantage in ordering your therapy products from DCI is that we provide a high level of service and background information specific to this hand problem that you will not receive from anyone else.  Each product you order from DCI and Online Natural Healthcare LLC, like Neprinol, comes with ideas and information to treat your Dupuytren’s disease. You cannot expect that kind of vital Alternative Medicine information from any other source.

In the enzyme industry one of the standard methods to measure enzyme potency or strength is expressed as an “activity level”.  The ability to reduce or break down fibrous tissue is expressed in “FU’s” or “fibrinolytic units”.

The standard dosage for most enzyme products is the usual 1-2 capsules taken thee times daily, providing an average of 1,000 – 2,000 FU’s.  For this reason it is smart to select an enzyme therapy product based on how many FU’s it delivers per dose, rather than the milligram weight per serving. NEPRINOL® AFD provides 15,000 FU’s per 2 capsule serving, delivering at least 6-8X higher FU activity levels. This is the reason DCI is really excited about NEPRINOL® AFD, and encourages anyone with Dupuytren’s contracture to get on this product soon in their self-help treatment.

Soy free NEPRINOL® can assist the body to reduce the fibrous tissue buildup that is part of so many different health problems: arthritis, pain, edema or swelling and inflammation.

NEPRINOL® AFD contains three primary ingredients, a well as several others that serve in a supporting capacity, that function to reinforce the stores of the enzyme system of the body. Serrapeptase to break down fibrin within the body and modulate the immune system, Nattokinase to improve cardiovascular health and help eat away arterial plaque, and finally CO-Q10 regarded as one of the most potent and effective antioxidants available. CO-Q10 will fight free radicals and aid in reducing stress on the heart.

Notice that the cost for a bottle of NEPRINOL® is higher than some of the other enzyme products, but this is because it is more concentrated and comes in a larger size bottle than most.  On a cost per capsule and cost per “FU” NEPRINOL® is a less expensive than all others.

Do not take NEPRINOL® without the consent of your physician, especially if you are currently taking anti-coagulants,  if you have a history of liver or kidney disease, or if you are pregnant or lactating (as these subjects have not yet been tested).

Neprinol 90 Capsule


Neprinol 300 Capsule