What should I do because my naturopathic doctor’s program is not helping my Dupuytren’s contracture?


I am working with a naturopathic doctor who I have much confidence in.  He is a researcher and though new to Dupuytren’s has treated similar conditions.  He is really taking this one “on” and I appreciate his efforts.

We have used DMSO, full strength, painted on, Magnesium Oil and SSPI, along with acupuncture. To date nothing has really helped and my hands get worse.

He wants me to try verapamil as an ointment.

Wonder do you have any knowledge of or experience with this treatment and Dupuytren’s.

Much thanks –

Mark Koenigsberg


Greetings Mark,

Full strength DMSO is not a good idea because it causes skin irritation for most people when used repeatedly.   I have read a few things about magnesium oil but most of it gives the impression it is a fad of some sort.  There is only a little information available about SSKI, but have not read of one person who has been helped by it.   

I suggest you have your doctor visit the DCI website to read a bit about what we are doing to treat Dupuytren’s contracture.  TRH

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