No such thing as a mild case of Dupuytrens


I have a mild case of Dupuy for the last few years that does not slow me down too much. The bump is not very big and my left ring finger is only slightly bent. What kind of treatment do you suggest for a small problem like mine?


Greetings Ed,

I suppose you have been lucky for these last few years, but from my experience there is no such thing as “a mild case of Dupuytrens.”  I advise you not to be too casual about your hand and not assume  your small problem will always stay small.

Sooner or later your problem will begin to get worse, and then you will wish you would have treated your problem when it was smaller and more manageable.   Eventually even the small Dupuytren problems get to be large; and sometimes the regression and aggravation can occur suddenly – almost overnight – so you do not have time to catch it while it is still a small and easy problem to treat.  For this reason I advise that the best time to treat Dupuytren’s contracture is “now” and to be as aggressive as you can.

I advise you to go over the DCI website and read and educate yourself not only about the problem of Dupuytren contracture, but what you can do to increase your ability to eliminate the palm lumps and finger contractures you have. Once you have done that please come back and ask me your questions about Dupuytren treatment with Alternative Medicine.

Good luck to you.


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