How can I make my Dupuytren treatment work even better?

Hello Dr. Herazy,

My question concerns making my Dupuytren therapy plan work even better.

I am already using Neprinol, MSM, acetyl-L-carnitine, two kinds of your vitamin E, PABA and quercetin-bromelain.   After a month of faithfully taking these supplements I notice some surprisingly nice changes in the density or hardness of nodules of both hands, the left more than the right, and I can move my fingers 5 to 10 degrees farther away from the palms than I could before.  What else should I add to my treatment plan fore even better results?

Thanks for all your help in the past.


Greetings Corrine,

Glad to know you are doing well and making progress with what you are currently doing.   I am sure you could be making even more changes and seeing more recovery for better finger movement if your plan was balanced.  Right now you are only using internal therapies — you are popping a lot of pills for internal supplementation and not much else.  You need to add some external therapies for direct treatment to your areas of involvement.

Most everyone comes to the DCI site with a medically driven way of looking at treatment.  It is easy to think about taking pills when designing a Dupuytren therapy plan rather than approaching the problem from other directions.  It is always necessary to treat the Dupuytren nodule and cord development with both internal and external therapies.

Internal therapies are those vitamins, minerals, supplements and enzymes that are swallowed and taken to the interior of the body for distribution to all tissues.   It is a good idea to use as many of these internal therapies as you think are needed and appropriate for your case.  These general and system-wide internal therapies are:

  1. Integral E 400/400                               7.   MSM
  2. Maxi-Gamma E                                      8.   Quercetin-bromelain
  3. PABA                                                          9.   Scar-X
  4. Neprinol                                                   10. Acetyl-L-carnitine
  5. Nattokinase                                            11. Pure Harvest Green drink
  6. Fibrozym

Eternal therapies used for Dupuytren contracture are:

  1. Dusa Sal DMSO
  2. Super CP Serum
  3. Unique-E Vitamin E Oil
  4. Genesen acupuncture therapy
  5. Moist heat application

Good treatment is a balance of Internal and External therapies.

On this basis, I suggest that you definitely use moist heat to the hand once or twice a day.  Also consider adding Dusa Sal and the usual compliments to it, Super-CP Serum and Unique-E oil.   Use these for a month or two — of course, while you still continue to take the internal therapies you are now using — to see what kind of additional improvement might occur.  If you are satisfied, continue until your problem reaches a plateau or is gone completely.  If you are not satisfied, then consider adding  the Genesen pens to your plan.

Again, congratulations on your current level of progress.  I trust that these additional changes will earn you more recovery from your Dupuytren problem.  TRH

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