Is it common for lumps to be found on the bottom of the feet?

I have those lump in my hands and also under my feet. Is it common for lumps to be found on the bottom of the feet?

I’m 59 and still active with my hands and my fingers.  My fingers have not yet started to pull in yet as it did with my father and grandfather as they got older.

My neighbor had the operation and had complications and almost lost a finger because of the Dupuytren surgery.  That is why I’m looking for other alternatives.  Thank you.



When these lumps appear on the palm of the hand and later develop cords that bend the fingers down, it is called Dupuytren’s contracture.  When a similar process of lumps developing on the bottom of the feet, it is called Ledderhose disease.   About 5-10% of people who have Dupuytren’s contracture will also have Ledderhose disease. 

Complications from hand surgery for Dupuytren’s contracture are far more common than what you will see mentioned when the doctors write articles on the Internet.  DCI is not against Dupuytrens surgery, but advises that a person tries alternatives to see if the palm lumps can first be reduced or eliminated so that their is no need for surgery.   There is a lot of information to help you find alternative treatment ideas on the DCI website; you can find help at Start Dupuytren treatment.

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