I think my wife has Dupuytren contracture, what should we do?

Hi Doctor,

My wife is 47 years young and has been a diabetic for 20 years.  A few months we started to notice a small kind of hard lump in her hands, that has started to grow and it appears to be stretching out underneath her skin, but still has the same lump.  There is a total of 3, she is now having some problems in her finger joints and starting to affect her closing her hand, she can still lay her hand flat, OK.  She has been to the Dr, and has had a few test.  Blood work is 100% good and it has been done already twice.  X-rays, don’t show anything, ultra sound showed that the Dr. said are fibroids, which I don’t believe that’s what it is.

By looking at images and stories on the internet I feel she has Dupuytren.  So please tell me what you think and if this is what she has.  What should be our next move?



No one can make a diagnosis on the limited information you have supplied.  Your wife should be examined again for a second opinion. 

There is one thing you mention that does not sound like your wife has Dupuytren’s contracture, and that is “starting to affect her closing her hand.”   If she had Dupuytren’s contracture she would not have a problem closing her hand, she would have a problem opening her hand.   The fact that she can still flatten her hand on a tabletop might only be because she is in she early stage of DC.

Good luck to both of you.  TRH

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