How long will large Dupuytren treatment plan last?

Dr. Herazy,

I would like to say I’m grateful I’ve found your website. After reading all the great information on your site, your approach to treating this condition really makes sense to me.

I want to order your large plan to treat my Dupuytren contracture, but I need to know how long each of the 11 items in the plan will last. I have to figure out what this is going to cost me to treat these lumps on my palm. No matter what it costs it will be worth it to avoid having Dupuytren surgery on my hand. Some of the horror stories I have read on the internet about people having their fingers amputated after several failed surgeries have me convinced your holistic approach is a more sensible way to go.


Greetings Tim,

Many people want an understanding about rate of product usage before starting treatment, and the costs involved,  so yours’ is a common concern.

Each person approaches his Dupuytren treatment plan a little differently, not only in regard to size of treatment plan and overall direction of therapy, but especially in terms of daily dosage.  While some men use an average vitamin E dose they will use a heavy vitamin MSM dose, and others do the opposite with a heavy vitamin E dose and an average MSM dose. Because of this, each bottle and each therapy plan will last for a variable length of time.  In other words, not all people who get a DCI Large Plan use it in the same way or at the same rate.  So, how long individual bottles of any therapy plan will last is a personal and variable issue for which I can only give you approximations based on what I see others doing.

This probably comes closest to tell you how long a particular group of therapies will last you in your effort to recover:  Based on my experience with others who use a DCI Large Plan, the average person re-supplies the DMSO, Unique-E vitamin E oil and Super CP Serum closer to every 3 months, Integral E 400/400 and Maxi-Gamma E, C, Scar-X, PABA, Quercetin/Bromelain and MSM about every 4-6 weeks.   The systemic enzymes replenished every 4 weeks.  Of course, the most expensive part of the Large Plan – the Genesen pointer pens – never has to be replaced.   My guess-timation is that the average person will spend about $80-110 monthly to replenish the Large Plan.

Besides, since the plans are composed of different count size bottles and containers, the numbers of days each can be used before running out is different from one therapy product to another.

You will find that there is an abundance of practical information and suggestions to maximize benefit and performance for each product that is sent to you.  I have a “stuffer” for every product that requires explanation and direction for taking it.  People comment that they are impressed with the follow-through in making sure that each person is given more than enough information in regard to when, when not, how, and how not.

Let me know how I can assist you to recover from your Dupuytren problem using Alternative Medicine.


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