How are the Dupuytren contracture therapy products used?

Hi Dr Herazy. I have Dupuytren contracture on both hands. I had surgery to cut the contracture and my Dr applied a Digit Widget on my right ring finger. Once my finger gets straighter I will then have surgery to remove all of the cording. I am very interested in your treatment plan to hopefully eliminate the need for that surgery. Which plan do you recommend and how are the products used? Are they all applied topically? Thanks – I’m looking forward to your response. Regards, Vee Cluley.


Greetings Vee,

You are wise to want to avoid Dupuytren’s surgery since none of the operations will cure the problem, and the hand contracture will always come back in a few years.

I always recommend that a person uses the most aggressive plan they can afford, since the more variety and depth of therapy that is used offers greater opportunity for improvement.  The Dupuytren medium plan is the most popular, but the large plan gets best results.  The greatest cost difference is just getting started, and after that the medium plan averages about $90-105/month to continue and the large plan averages $95-110/month to continue. 

Full instructions come with the order that you place; whatever you order we include detailed instructions to use all items so you are comfortable you know what to do. 

Some items are applied topically (DMSO, vitamin E oil and Copper peptide, Genesen pens) while the others are taken orally. 

Let me know if I can help you in any way.  TRH    

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