Which home ultrasound unit do you recommend for treating Dupuytren’s contracture?

Which home ultrasound unit do you recommend for treating Dupuytren’s contracture?


First, I do not recommend that a person uses any one single treatment method against a problem so difficult and stubborn as Dupuytren’s contracture.  Using just vitamin E, or just doing hand stretching, or just DMSO applications, or taking just acetyl-L-carnitine, is not going to help recovery very much, if at all. The same with ultrasound therapy.  The palm lumps and cords that develop with Dupuytrens are not going to change if you try a single therapy approach. 

Secondly, it is my experience after working with people from around the world since 2002 that complete or partial recovery from Dupuytren’s is possible when following an aggressive treatment plan consisting of a wide and diverse range of different therapy approaches, as outlined on the DCI website.  Following this kind of approach for a few months works well in a surprisingly high percent of cases.

Lastly, the ultrasound unit that was added to the DCI lineup of treatment methods in November of 2012 is the 3MHz ultrasound machine made by Bellaire Industry, model HS-3040.  It is a great little unit; it is the only portable 3MHz machine that is made with a stainless steel sound head; on top of that it is the only portable 3MHz machine that has received FDA approval as a medical device. Go here to get details about this 3MHz ultrasound machine

Some people make the mistake of trying to use the more popular and more common 1MHz size ultrasound machine but these machines do not put the therapeutic effect of the sound waves where they are needed in Dupuytren’s contracture.  It is necessary to use a 3MHz unit to assure the ultrasound effect is placed toward the surface where the problem of DC is located.  TRH

4 thoughts on “Which home ultrasound unit do you recommend for treating Dupuytren’s contracture?

  1. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings again Dr. Bob,

    Either setting can be used, but I prefer the continuous setting applied in tight overlapping circles over the Dupuytren’s fibrous tissue. TRH

  2. Garey Gordon says:

    I am interested in using your US machine for my Dupuytren’s contracture. What are the 2 buttons on the 3 mhz ultrasound, also what is the power rating?

  3. 88TRH88 says:

    Greetings Garey,

    Ultrasound therapy is an excellent treatment for Dupuytren’s contracture when used with other therapies. When it is combined with a smaller and ineffective plan, it often makes all the difference in the world to start seeing softening and reduction of the palm lump.

    All parts, and method for correct use, of the HS 3040 Ultrasound therapy device are explained in the detailed instructions that come with each unit. You will know how to use your US instrument correctly when you read our instructions. To answer your question, the two buttons you see in the picture are the power button to turn the unit on and off, and the intensity selection button. Depending what part of the world you live in, the power for the unit is either 110 volts (US) or 230 volts (International).

    Let me know if I can help you with your Dupuytren’s contracture treatment. TRH

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