How can I help the foot tension I have with my Ledderhose disase?

I have nodules in both hands and both feet. I am interested in finding support for working on my feet as the tension in the tendon is increasing.  Any advice or direction is appreciated.

The hand nodules are due to the Dupuytren’s contracture and the foot nodules are due to the Ledderhose disease.  I have worked with many people whose feet problems were reduced as a result of following the DCI treatment strategy.  Many had complete reduction of pain and increased mobility and loss of nodules in the feet while primarily addressing the hand issues.

You would not have foot tension if you did a few things to reduce the density and nodule formation on the bottom of your feet, so your question might not be relevant once you start treatment to assist the process of recovery from your Dupuytren and Ledderhose problems.

If you are concerned about immediate orthopedic support for your feet problem I suggest going to a podiatrist to have an evaluation made of your current situation so that perhaps foot supports (orthotics) can be made for you.  Since these usually cost around $400 or so, you might want to simply start treatment to see how rapidly your feet might improve.   The problem with getting orthotic foot supports made before your start DCI treatment, is that once your feet change – as we hope they do – they will be of little value to you and might delay your recovery by keeping your feet held in the posture they currently present.  

Good luck with your decision about how you will proceed.  TRH    

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