Help with Dupuytren treatment products bought elsewhere

Hi Doc,

After readying everything on your very informative website I got some Delta Source vitamin E,  and Abundant Life Source PABA and nattokinase from my health food store. I have been using these things for my Dupuytrens, but not much has changed after almost tow months. Can you make any suggestions?     Brian from St. Louis

Greetings Brian,

Sorry, I cannot comment on your therapy products or what you are doing with them.  I have never heard of these companies and I have no experience with them  or confidence in these products.   They might be good, and they might not be.    Not all vitamin, enzymes and mineral  products are the same even if the label says they are.

I take responsibility that I am here to offer you the best advice I can to assist your recovery from Dupuytren contracture.    I would only be guessing about your current situation, and that would not be good for either of us.

You have not told me anything about a daily dosage of these products, but even if you did it would not mean much to me since there often a difference in the actual dosage in each capsule compared to what it says on the label.    I learned long ago I can only comment on our products.   If I give you advice about a low quality product you will hold me responsible if your results are not good.

Apparently you went to the Dupuytren Contracture Institute website for information about treating your Dupuytren hand, but made a decision to purchase your therapy products elsewhere.   You are experimenting on your own.

You will note on the DCI website we clearly state, “Sorry, but due to the volume of emails DCI  receives and with limited hours available in a day, we can only answer questions from loyal customers of DCI and Online Natural Healthcare LLC.    Purchase your therapy products only from DCI  so you have full access to the vast experience and careful assistance available to our customers.  If you purchase cheap or questionable bargain products elsewhere, you will have to rely upon that source for whatever help you might need later.”

If you wish for me to comment and offer suggestions to help your Dupuytren treatment, when you are ready to reorder your supplies consider getting the best products I am aware of from the DCI website.


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