Is hand pain when overly tired related to Dupuytrens or something else?

I have DC in both hands, and have had surgery on same finger twice in 13 months.  I am 65 and have many lumps, etc (pretty aggressive).

My question concerns the pain in both hands, generally when I have become overly tired.   Is the pain related to DC or could it be another problem going on?




Greetings Ellen,

Most often the hand pain felt when a person has Dupuytren contracture is indirectly related to the presence of the abnormal tissue.  

You report your hand pain occurs when your hands are fatigued.  When I see this happen it is most likely due to the fact that your forearm and hand muscles are working at a great disadvantage due to the presence of nodules and cords in your palms.  With your fingers flexed, and the nodules and cords affecting the way you use your hands to do daily activity, your body is not working as it was designed to do.   You work harder to do simple things.   Still you do what you have to do during the course of a day, and this is a burden that causes pain and easy fatigue of your upper body.  

However, it would probably be best for you to see your doctor to confirm this idea in your case.  Always check with your doctor.   TRH  

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